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' J 1 

*0> »l ll» 









William W. Hassler 

Bernard T. Gillis 
academic vice president 

Bernard J Ganley 

administrative vice president 

Isadore R. Lenglet 

university development vice president 

S. Trevor Hadley 

vice president of student affairs 

Robert O. Warren 

vice president of university services 

George Murdoch 

vice president of finances 


Ron Thomas 
dean of men 


John Frank 

assistant dean of men 


Don McPherson 
assistant dean of men 

Cleo McCracken 
dean of women 




Sherrill Kuckuck 
assistant dean of women 

Johnnie Graves 
assistant dean of women 

James W. Laughlin 
associate dean of students 

Ron Lunardini 

men's residence coordinator 

Jan Bello 

women's residence coordinator 



r \ 

Roger W. Axford 

director community-university studies 

v ._v 

I i 

Francis G. McGovern 

dean school of arts and sciences 


Ellwood B. Sheeder 
dean school of business 




William R. Becker 
dean school of fine arts 

John Chellman 

dean school of health services 

George Stouffer 

dean school of education 

William Salesses 

assistant dean school of education 

Joseph M. Gallanar 
dean graduate school 

Lawrence lanni 

associate dean graduate school 

George Wiley 

associate dean graduate school 

Kathleen Jones 

dean school of home economics 

Board of Trustees 


University Foundation Officers 


Gerald Baker, Bookstore Manager 

Lawrence Bergman, Associate Director Instructional Resources 

C.T. Buford, Personnel Director 

D. Evan Campbell, Maintenance Director 
Lyman Connor, Associate Director of Admissions 
Robert Dain, Director of Punxsy Center 

Fred Dakak, Director of Admissions 

George Dinsmore, Associate Director of Admissions 

Harold Dock, Director of Labratory Experiences 

Robert H. Doerr, Director of Kittanning Center 

Owen Dougherty, Director of Housing 

John M. Felice, Director of Employee Relations 

Charles Fuget, Director of E.O.P. 

Sam Furgiuiele, Director of Public Relations 

James R. Greene, Director of Humanities 

Thomas Hassler, Assistant Director Computer Center 

E. Samuel Hoenstien, Director of Career Services 
Randy L. Jesick, Sports Information Director 
Christopher Knowlton, Director Student Coop. 
Russell Kushigian, Program Director, Student Union 

William E. LaFranchi, Head Librarian 

Dale P. Marchand, Assistant to Academic Vice President 

Fred E. Maize, University Photographer 

John W. McBurney, Maintenance Superintendent 

William E. McCavitt, T.V. and Radio Coordinator 

Harold C. McCormick, Business Manager 

Peter Metarko, Assistant Director of Admissions 

James M. Nix, Director of Cultural Affairs 

John C. Nold, Director of Computer Center 

Roy A. Moss, Associate Director of Career Services 

J. Robert Murray, Director of Instructional Resources 

Maynard Rowley, Security Chief 

Salvadore Ruffulo, Coop Operations Manager 

John J. Scanlon, Director of Dining Services 

C. Donald Seagren, Registrar 

Herm Sledzik, Athletic Director 

William Srsic, Assistant Director Financial Aid 

Herman E. Stenger, Criminology Extension Coordinator 

Norman Storm, Assistant Director Bookstore 

Warner E. Tobin, Director University School 

Business Management 



More Mathematics 






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. i 

Health and Physical Education 




Military Science 












Elementary Education 

| Economics 

Home Economics 




Consumer Services 

Foundations of 





Political Science 



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" •.'•>>.'! ".-</. '' 

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>..'•••• '■»^.::".'i' ; ;''' 







West Virginia Tech 








California (Pa.) 


Lock Haven 




St. Vincent 




Slippery Rock 


Grove City 




St. Francis (Pa.) 



Indiana Invtt.— 1st Penna. Conf. Meet— 1st 
NAIA Dis. 18 Meet-1st 
NAIA National Championship 
California (Pa.) 8th Invit.— 1st 


When Indiana University of Pennsylvania cross-country 
coach Lou Sutton predicted in a pre-season interview that 
"if the pieces fall in place we should be reasonably success- 
ful", he was reasonably correct. The pieces fell in place to 
the tune of a perfect 13-0 dual season mark and an eighth 
place finish in the NAIA National Championship. 

Indiana's runners swept through their dual season with 
hardly a challange, shutting out eight opponents and easily 
outdistancing the rest. The squad also captured the cham- 
pionships of two Invitational meets and two conference 

In the California (Pa.) Invitational, the first place finish 
outpointed West Virginia University. The winning effort in 
the Indiana Invitational outpointed West Virginia Inter- 
collegiate Conference champion West Liberty. 

The capture of Pennsylvania Conference flag solidified In- 
diana's reputation as one of the top cross-country teams in 
the state, while the District 18 championship earned IUP a 
trip to the NAIA National Championship in Liberty, 

The Indians finished second in the Penn-Ohio champion- 
ship to NAIA National champion Malone (o.), but finished 
ahead of Akron and Ashland, two noted cross-country 

The team capped its season with an eighth place finish 
out of over 500 teams eligible in the NAIA National Cham- 
pionship. That performance was the second best of any 
team cost of the Mississippi River. 

Seniors Doug Canan (Washington), Don Slusser (Church- 
ill), Jake Sorg (St. Mary's), Ray Parenti (Pittsburgh), and Bill 
Hampton (Purchase Line) concluded their careers, but un- 
derclassmen Tom McGuire (Irwin) )im Lear (Pittsburgh), Jim 
Nagle (Swissvale) and Bill O'Neill (Pittsburgh), return a solid 
nucleus for next fall. 

Ed Fry, a professor in the IUP Music Department and 
noted distance runner, was an integral part of the program, 
serving as Sutton's assistant on his own time. 

Sutton presently has an overall 58-11 mark at IUP in five 
seasons as head coach. 


Cross Country 









The Indiana University of Pennsylvania wrestling team finished its 
season with a 7-7-1 record. Even though the record didn't indicate it, 
the Indians had an outstanding squad. 

The Indians wrestled with the best (Slippery Rock and Clarion are 
among the top ten teams in the nation). The Indians wrestled well 
also, just being nipped by West Virginia University and gaining wins 
over tough California, for the first time in ten years, and Shippensburg. 

Indiana was particularly strong in the upper weight classes. Jim 
Sykes-142 (Ridgway), Kevin McGorry-150 (Shaler), Larry McCoy- 
158 (Indiana), Bob Binford-167 (Old Tappan, N.J.), Don Toy-177 
(Vandergrift), Dave Plance— 190 (Imperial) and Tom Schweinberg— 
Hwt (Jeanette) all wrestled well. 

The Indiana grapplers wrestled before their finest crowds ever and 
showed that they are a team definitely on the rise. As the season came 
to a close, no less than three grapplers had shots at top three placing 
in the Pennsylvania Conference and a trip to the NCAA College Divi- 
sion meet in Brookings, South Dakota. 

Plance, Schweinber, McCoy and Sykes were all particularly success- 
ful. Plance won two matches with crucial pins, Schweinberg fought off 
injury to record a better-than-average year, McCoy pinned every op- 
ponent at 158 after becoming eligible at mid-season and Sykes was 11- 
4 in his matches versus tough competition. 

Blacksmith simply needs some more strength and depth at some 
weights to put together an outstanding team. 


Wrestling Results (7-7-1) 


St. Vincent 



West Virginia 






West Liberty 


















Slippery Rock 



West Liberty 



Grove City 









St. Francis 



The 1972-73 Rifle season at Indiana University of Pennsylvania was a typical 
one. The marksmen again shot brilliantly, showing the region that they are one of 
the top teams in the nation. 

With one regular season meet remaining on the schedule, the squad had 
chalked up a 14-3 record. Narrow losses to Penn State, West Virginia and Clarion 
were all that marred their slate. 

Among the squads that Indiana came out on top of were: Pittsburgh, William 
and Mary and Duquesne. Clarion, a power in the Western Pennsylvania Inter- 
collegiate Rifle League, is also a top class outfit. 

Bruce Bush, P. J. Roberts, Harry Croker, Hal Carlick and Clay Buttlar made up 
the top five most of the year. Patty Ragan, lUP's only woman varsity athlete, and a 
number of others also contributed to the team's successes. 

Competing in the West Point Invitational, one of the top rifle match-up meets 
in the nation, the Indians finished ninth in a stellar field. 

The squad was again ably coached by Tom Campisano. 

Results Rifle (14-3) (WPIRL 13-1) 


West Virginia 




Grove City 




Beaver County 








Wash. & Jeff. 




Beaver County 


William & Mary 




Penn State 

West Point lnvit.-9th 






Grove City 






Pistol Team 



Golf Team 


-V — "^^'"jHilm 

2ir *&&2Lm&& 

ft -J - 


Baseball Team 




9 • 




Indiana University of Pennsylvania's 1972-73 swimming season was a 
"foundation year". New coach Ralph Johnson, who is given credit for devel- 
oping swimming programs at two other schools, brought his tools to IUP . . . 

Johnson emphasized throughout the season that this was a building year 
and no miracles were to be seen immediately . . . His methods were show- 
ing some results, as the squad matched its win total of the previous season in 
the first seven meets . . . 

Freshmen and underclassmen were gaining valuable experience in many 
events for the IUP tankers as the Indians scored solid wins over Akron and 
Westminster early in ohe season. All of the team's losses were to teams noted 
as swimming powerhouses. 

Neil Postas (Erie), holder of the majority of the Indiana school records, had 
some outstanding performances throughout the season. Freshmen Bill Ber- 
tovich (Penn Hills), Bob Glasstetter (Penn Hills), Doug Bennink (corry), and 
Robert Dahl (Miami, Fla.) showed signs that the swimming future at IUP is 

Veterans Jim Devine (Harrisburg), Dan Fritz (Oil City), and Bruce Houck 
(Gibsonia) carried their share of the load. 

The squad competed in the Penn-Ohio meet at Youngstown State Univer- 
sity, the Pennsylvania Conference meet at Millersville State College, and 
swam a dual meet at Penn State. 

Throughout the season the attitudes of the swimmers and the coach 
echoed the fact that a championship swimming team at Indiana University of 
Pennsylvania was not that far away ... All involved realize the work it takes, 
but all possess the willingness and desire to achieve such success . . . 

Postas qualified for the NCAA College Division meet in Detroit and fin- 
ished 9th in the 100-yard butterfly, becoming lUP's first swimming All-Ameri- 
can. Freshman diver Doug Bennink also finished among the top 15 at Detroit 
in three-meter diving. 

Results (3 wins— 8 losses) 














West Liberty 






Grove City 



Slippery Rock 









Penn State 










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-o o 
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jz , 


c c 
C jz 
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.i o 

Q£ C 

- 01 


o b 

c — 

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° O) 

'"" c 




Ct: — ~ 
HI 111 

O a 

2 « 



± E 


















Ol c 

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Ol c 

"o a> 
o -" 
O - 

O .£ 

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. a. 

_* "O 


i c 


o 3 


v. I— 




v: -. 

-- 11 

o J 


"* 0) 
>- 01 

(_ 01 

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o >> 
I— >- 









-5 ^ 







01 = 

c ■- 



.2 o 




5 = 


a. r 

01 < 


C 0) 

s i 


LL. lO 


-o .*: 

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0) o 



01 - 

E c 

° ? 
^ O 

0) = 


01 u 



-a jz 
5 ° 

















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C "0 

o x 

— 1 


o 5 

c I 

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^ Q 
^ LJ 

. c 

L. 01 

0) ^ 

~° !r 

U J! 

>■ o 

O v> 

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■- D 

*" JZ 

X U 

01 - 

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o c 

5 § 

jj u 


" o 










o = 
S E 

J3 -" 


•£ O 
.- X 

.2 jz 


0) 01 

c -• 


t o 

0) ._- 
c ^ 

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a <j 

D 01 

Z <* 

■4- 01 

c > 

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"5 •; 


ai Q 

1 c 
-o o 


oi 'S 

S 2 

01 o 
o = 

Ct "O 


E 5, 

I— ^ s 

JZ 01 

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01 o 

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m o 

" LV 

C£ Q£ a? 

o — 


■- 01 

C u 

01 o 
</> CJ 

.. o 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania's football season was a combination of top- 
rate coaching and top-rate execution on the girdiron. Following a 34-7 loss at the 
hands of Eastern Kentucky University, the Indians won eight in a row and were 
considered for the Boardwalk Bowl. 

Transfer quarterback George Yokitis from Louisville, and veteran backs Jim 
Thomas, Ralph lacaboni and Rich Krinks paced the offensive attack. Ed Paradis, 
John Grim and Tom Clingan paced the offensive line blocking. 

But the key to lUP's success was a tough defense. The team pulled out game 
after game, especially in the early going, with their consistent play . . . Evidence 
of this are narrow wins, 5-0 over Cortland, 14-10 over Northwood, and 17-7 over 

In the Clarion contest, the whole team seemed to come together as a unit. In 
the 20-6 win, the defense stopped Clarion inside the IUP 20 yard line four times 
and Yokitis started moving the offense consistently. 

This consistency continued as IUP went on to record easy wins over California, 
28-14, Shippensburg, 27-8, Wilkes, 14-0, and Youngstown, 31-14. 

Indiana University of Pennsylvania has a proud football tradition. The Indians 
have not been shut out since 1961, they have registered 11 successive winning 
seasons and have surprised grid observers every season. 

If there was one individual who could stand out on this squad, it was Dave 
Balmert. Balmert, a senior safety from Churchill, was selected to the third team 
Associated Press Little All-America. 

The best effort of the season came versus Youngstown. Indiana used what is 
commonly known as a "psyche job" to defeat the Penguins. 

Going against a team that boasted a pro-prospect quarterback (Ron Jaworski 
was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams), the Indians figured that if they could upset 
the Penguins, a Boardwalk Bowl bid would come. 

Before a capacity crowd, the Indians fought and finally opened up their 31-14 
margin. The problem amounted to IUP doing its part for the bowl, but the NCAA 
not doing what could have been right. 

IUP rooters wondered for five days in November whether their team would be 
selected to the Boardwalk Bowl. With its 8-1 record, many seemed confident. In- 
stead of choosing IUP to compete against Massachusetts, the other team selected 
for the classic, the NCAA brought in California-Davis. 

The game inself, which promoted almost no interest in the East, was attended 
by only 2800 fans. IUP could not cry over sour grapes though, and it had to be 
satisfied with the fine season it had. 

Bill Neal, head coach of IUP in his third season, has a career record of 20-7. The 
Kentucky gentleman and his assistants showed once again that they know how to 
coach a team. The players comply, they sure play the game well. 



Eastern Kentucky 








Northwood (Mich.) 









34 L 


7 W 
6 W 

10 W 


14 W 

8 W 
14 W 













^ y 











M — *— ***mm*t* 



Carl Davis, the IUP head basketbalf coach is noted as the "little magi- 
cian." The mentor from Jeanette certainly lived up to his name this sea- 
son, sterring a crippled Indiana squad to a winning season. 

For openers, Davis lost John Carom, probably the top basketball 
player in NAIA District 18, due to a knee injury. Then Joe Novak and Jeff 
Lawrence, promising sophomores, were lost to the team for periods of 

To top everything off, Ed Kowalski, Lance Stephens and Jay Taylor 
were declared academically ineligible at mid-season. 

IUP had lost a starting lineup that it conceivably have had a winning 
season with. Guts pulled the squad through. 

Gene Gaige, a junior who played improved ball toward the end of the 
season, freshman John Guyton, and Sherm Brizzi stepped in to take up 
the slack. 

Randy Allen also was outstanding. The 6-1 junior from Altoona man- 
aged to lead the Pennsylvania Conference Western Division in scoring 
with a 20 point average for most of the year despite being double and 
triple teamed. 

Allen also was mentioned on the ECAC Division III All-Star team sev- 
eral times emerged as a team leader. Lawrence, when he returned to ac- 
tion, had several good games. 

Mark Bianchi, a tough junior forward, also helped the effort with his 
aggressive style of play. Dick Mogle, a sharpshooting guard, and Tom 
Sgriccia, a dedicated Senior, helped in spot roles. 

Highlights of the season were; an upset win over powerful West- 
minister College, a late-season win over Edinboro, a pair of hard fought 
wins over a tough California, and an exciting come-from-behind triumph 
over St. Vincent. 

For the "little magician" and assistant Tom Beck, next season could be 
a rosy year. 


Indiana University of Pennsylvania's soccer team suffered through a season that 
sometimes was hurt by a lack of offense. The booters were never out of any con- 
test, but the lack of scoring hurt the cause on a few occasions. 

The team did rally to finish with a 4-6-3 mark, including a 5-0 conquest of Du- 
quesne, their best effort of the season. Also a highlight was a 2-2 tie with highly 
regarded Washington and Lee University. 

The Indians put together good efforts in a losing cause against area powers 
Pittsburgh, Lock Haven, Alliance and Edinboro. 

Kurt Backstrom (North Versailles) was again the squad's outstanding performer, 
being named to numerous all-star teams. Buff Jack (Pittsburgh), Ammes Kanu 
(Sierra Leone), Larry Long (Sharon) and Bruce Chaleff (Seaford, NY.) played top 

Veteran Bob George (Pittsburgh) and goalie Jim Griffith (Dayton) also per- 
formed outstandingly. 

The club played perhaps its best soccer on a Thanksgiving week tour of the 
Virgin Islands. The IUP men won the majority of the games they played in the 
Carribian area. 

With a number of lettermen returning in 1973, an improved season record ap- 
pears to be very possible for this coming fall. 



Soccer Results (4-6-3) 

Grove City 



Point Park 








St. Francis 



Washington and Lee 






St. Vincent 








Lock Haven 



Slippery Rock 







•r " 5 ■ 





tf^':;a"~'"i^"" L, "* ^ ^ 

















■111 I ) 

W km 

wm ku 

Wl I k 



i 'i '• 4 1 <# 1 "i ", 4 '. • <j < »; < 



i m 









As the 1973 edition of the OAK went to press, the spring sports- 
1973 picture looked bright. The golf, track, tennis, and baseball 
teams all appeared as though they would have a shot at the district 

Golf, coached by Ed Sloniger, has been another of Indiana's 
traditionally strong sports. In the spring of 1968, the Indians were 
NAIA national champions. The team has also done well in the 
NCAA and ECAC events also. 

Leading this season's team will be Craig Pelat (Palm Beach, Fla.) 
and former PIAA state Champion Ron Milanovich (Rimersburg). 
Other members of the team will provide the consistent and bal- 
anced play that the team should achieve. 

It is the hope of the coach and team to win the district champion- 
ship and to challenge for the Pennsylvania Conference champion- 
ship. Standing in both doors, though, is defending NAIA District 18 
champion Slippery Rock. 

The squad will again face a tough schedule, including the Indiana 
Invitational, which will bring, among others, Penn State, Pittsburgh, 
and West Virginia to Indian territory in May. 

Indiana track coach Lou Sutton, in his four seasons previous at 
IUP, has built a running powerhouse. 1973 promises to be another 
vintage season for the cindermen. 

A fine group of veterans and freshmen will attempt to capture 
lUP's first NAIA District 18 championship since 1970. The squad 
should also qualify for contention in the Pennsylvania Conference, 
where the Indians are cross-country champions. 

Veteran runners Don Slusser (Churchill), Doug Canan (Washion- 
ton), Ray Parenti (Pittsburgh), Jake Sorg (St. Mary's), and Bill Ham- 
pton (Purchase Line) will lead the distance attack. Slusser, an Ail- 
American and sixth place finisher in the NAIA marathon last spring, 
is an exceptional long distance man. 

Tim O'Keefe (Bethel Park), Ben Blue (Purchase Line), and Terry 
Andres (Oil City) are the top returning sprinters. Barry Warren (In- 
diana) and Bill O'Neil (Pittsburgh) lead the middle distance per- 
formers, while Tom McGuire (Irwin), an outstanding sophomore, is 
another fine three-miler. 

In the field, IUP again appears powerful. Last season's weak 
event, the shot-put has now been filled by Chris Toci (Bethel Park) 
and Chio Kohser (Cibsonia), Javelin throwing will be done by NCAA 
and NAIA All-American John Elliott (Sligo). Pat Riley (Lancaster) is a 
top-flight discus thrower. 

The pole vault should be well handled by Lee Whitmore (Mt. 
Holly Springs) and John Stenken (Chalfont). The triple and long 


jumps are the jobs of Fred Anderson (Ludlow) and Skip Heffner 
(Ford City). Bill Hoffman (St. Mary's) and Don Wilhour (Shamokin 
Dam) are the returnees in the sprint hurdles. John McCutcheon (Se- 
wickly) is the intermediate hurdler. 

Lou Sutton's season could be his best ever if a few loose ends fall 
into place. 

Bill Blacksmith abs Steve Ware moved lUP's Tennis Program to 
front group last season. But in tennis new players will be playing in 
new brackets this season, and how they become accustomed to 
their deed will determine how well the team will do. 

Jim Long (Kittanning) leads the returnees. No doubt a good group 
of new comers will be forged with veterans to provide the nucleus 
of a solid squad. 

The unit will attack a demanding schedule, which includes the 
Pennsylvania Conference match and NAIA Districe 18 Tournament. 
In other words, the powers, Edinboro, Westminister, and California 
will be met sometime during the season. 

lUP's netmen surprised many last season in finishing with a fine 
winning record and a third place finish in the Pennsylvania Confer- 
ence match. It appeared that lUP's program really turned the corner 
last season. 

More of the same exciting action is certain to come this spring. A 
Pennsylvania Conference or NAIN District 18 championship is not 
out of the question if all the gaps are filled and the players show the 
same top attitude that was present in 1972. 

Arch Moore's Baseball club, one that finished third in the NAIA 
World Series in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1971, but was upset in the Dis- 
trict 18 playoffs last season, should move back to the upper side of 
things this season. 

Indiana, blessed with a number of top players, both hitters and 
pitchers, should be rated the favorite in the "winter book" pre- 
dictions for both the Pennsylvania Conference and NAIA District 18. 

Moore, a former major leaguer himself, is blessed by a solid re- 
turning group plus some talented newcomers and should be able to 
steer his sackers far this spring. 

Don Spigel (Trafford), a truly outstanding collegiate pitcher, will 
be joined by newcomers and veterans Bill Hoy (Pleasant Gap) and 
Jim Wingard (Grampian) to lead the mound corps. 

Paul Jankowski (Somerset, N.J.), Doug Danko (Osceola Mills), 
Paul Maljan (Trafford), and John Johnston (North Versailles) should 
pace the Indians at bat or in the field. 

If Arch's boys "go out and find get them" as figured, it'll be (or 
have been, when this is read) an enjoyable baseball season and an 
enjoyable spring. 





k I.. 



Alpha Delta Pi 


Lynn Andraychak 
Cheryl Appleton 
Linda Aukerman 
Stacey Aul 
Janis Baccanti 
Ginger Benedict 
Peggy Conlin 
Phyllis DiCiccio 
Donna Cyrus 
Linda Campbell 
Eva Drivenga 
Char Doege 
Nyra Dorko 
Karne Focht 
Joyce Forsyth 
Martha George 
Pat Gonzales 
Mary Lynn Guinivan 
Mary Hancharick 
Pat Jablonski 
Nancy Kashey 
Pat Garland 
Pam Grube 
Debbie Kolumban 
Janet Kendi 
Pat Kenney 
Kari LaBell 
Mel Linko 
Karen Lombardo 
Billie Long 
Betty Maleski 
Joyce Mariano 
Sharen Martin 
Jay Morandi 
Judy Morningred 
Mel Nicholas 
Franny Nugent 
Gloria Obarsky 
Kathy O'Keane 
Linda Rembold 
Pat Slavik 
Patty Stavor 
Jan Irvin 
Rosanne Malone 


Chris Anderson 
Diane Agardy 
Tracy Bell 
Cindy Benanti 
Debra Bickham 
Sharon Bickham 
Deborah Blumling 
Fay Bonino 
Carol Brown 
Mary Pat Bunger 
Patty Cellini 
Raedeana Cowan 
Andrea Dersch 
Ginger Donavich 
Nancy Egger 
Arlene Fleck 
Martha Givler 
Barbara Codlasky 
Pat Godlasky 
Jean Hlasnick 
Julia Jackson 
Marsha Janosek 
Kathy Kanour 
Ginger Kemper 
Claire Gordon 
Anne Marie Kiddon 
Ginni Klekot 
Karen Kralick 
Maryann Kutruff 
Charlene Labay 
Susan Laird 
Kathy Latin 
Joy Lignelli 
Linda Lizambri 
Nancy Lloyd 
Michele Macha 
Dawna Matyas 
Judy Miller 
Paulette Miller 
Cathy Moreau 
Cheryl Myers 
Nancy Nelson 
Kathryn Nichol 
Maureen O'Connor 
Anne Parks 
Mary Parks 
Elaine Pish 
Deb Phillips 
Ginni Randour 
Jane Sandrock 
Bette Sankey 
Joan Saville 
Tina Seehausen 
Shelly Shearer 
Donna Smith 
Anita Smylnycky 
Jennifer Sullivan 
Nancy Templer 
Carol Thierwechter 
Nancy Thompson 
Joyce Troutman 
Eileen Vrabel 
Patricia Young 
Lynn Youra 
Renee Zeigler 

Deb Zubalik 


Gamma Delta 


Alpha Omicron Pi 


Sally Amero 
Carol Ammirato 
Debbie Barlow 
)oan Boyd 
Barbie Britcher 
Emily Corso 
Cinny Corso 
Beth Coscarelli 
Kathy Damato 
Cheryl Daniels 
Mary Jo Dittenhafer 
Sue Dougherty 
Jan Dunning 
Ann Dunsmore 
Leanna Fanning 
Kathy Fatula 
Sue Ferrell 
Jane Fenstermacher 
Lynn George 
Jean Crowden 
Pam Hazley 
Janice Heisey 
Arlene Hlasnick 
Andrea Kevech 
Suzi Knoll 
Margie Koch 
Celeste Kosowski 
Maura Koehler 
Jan Koll 

Lorraine Kudelko 
Paula Lowis 
Jill Lockhart 
Janet Lowry 
Barbara McCoy 
Kathy McMillen 
Sue McMillen 
Georgia Moder 
Kathy Mourton 
Laura Mucci 
Diane Murdock 
Diane Nakielny 
Peggy Oakes 
Denise Papon 
Joanne Patterson 
Chris Patton 
Debbie Petak 
Sharon Petonke 
Nancy Pili 
Diane Rodavich 
Cheryl Rollin 
Mary Ann Sekerak 
Patty Shope 
Bev Simpson 
Marsha Sloss 
Mary Lou Space 
Kathy Syewart 
Kathy Strunk 
Velve Vogelsong 
Eileen Weigel 
Flo Woychic 
Linda Zabkar 


Mary Ann Adamczyk 
Judy Anthony 
Cindy Bailey 
Gloria Baroni 
Gail Berardinelli 
Jeanne Conley 
Lynne Dixon 
Sandy DiDonato 
Kathy Dlugos 
Margaret Duerr 
Kathy Dunlap 
Nancy Edwards 
Lynda Ferguson 
Janet Fink 
Nancy Francis 
Pat Gallagher 
Sue Ginther 
Pam Greb 
Stephanie Haber 
Wanda Heubach 
Bonnie Holby 
Janet Hurrianko 
Sandy Kinskey 
Barbara Kirchner 
Julianna Konitsky 
Jocelyn Laber 
Maryann Ley 
Vivian Lipp 
Nancy MacConnell 
Susan MacNabb 
Maryann Melcer 
Marcia Miedlar 
Diane Mosley 
Janet Ortenzo 
Annette Quatrini 
Carol Ross 
Iris Shellhammer 
Susan Slepecki 
Kathy Swart 
Christy Swartwood 
Melanie Tesauro 
Paula Traister 
Elsa Uder 
Debra Venselv 
Joyce Waclawski 
Susan Waldin 
Shelley Wormington 
Livvy Zitelli 


Alpha Phi 





* P 


r k ^iBir 1 







Alpha Sigma Alpha 

Becky Ackerman 
Nancy Aho 
Joan Allerton 
Colette Bancroft 
Deborah Brown 
Connie Burney 
Nancy Cernobyl 
Candrus Craig 
Barbara Dawson 
Deborah Dillon 
Sue Duffy 
Patti Farinelli 
Pam Fink 
Louise Freise 
Gayle Heddens 
Patty Hines 
Susan Johnston 
Joanne Jurecko 

Carolyn Kaczmarski 

Anna Larko 

Maggi Larson 

Wendy Lebo 

Diane Lober 

Natalie Long 

Debbi Longenecker 

Diann Lowery 

Donna Martinelli 

Linda Newcomer 

Gerri Pallante 

Janet Peterchak 

Darla Parson 

Mona Powell 

Paula Puskaric 

Cathie Rankin 

Cathy Rendine 

Patti Replogle 

Barbara Rettew 

Lynne Rosenfelder 

Eileen Schwarz 

Marsha Sewock 

Marilyn Simpson 

Karen Stults 

Penny Sweitzer 

Janice Upton 

Jane Urban 

Mamie Wilson 

Maureen Wingfield 

Pamela Wolny 
Julie Yarnot 

Barbara Yeager 
Marilyn Kingwell 


Alpha Sigma Tau 


Cheryl Abramovic 
Carol Andree 
Marie Ballerini 
Diane Bauer 
Beverly Bergum 
Beverly Borgoyne 
Kim Brown 
Sandy Caratelli 
)ayne Cook 
Sharon Danklef 
Elaine DeFalco 
)onee Deininger 
Sophia Dobransky 
Kathy Donahoe 
Debbie D'Orazio 
Sue Douglass 
Linda Edwards 
Diane Enrietti 
Lucy Fanelli 
Donna Fazzini 
Kathy Feather 
Debbie Frank 
Ronna Friedman 
Debbie Goodlet 
Dianne Groves 
Iris Handte 
Mary Hayes 
Margie Henry 
Cheryl Hilliard 
Kathy Katocs 
Debbie Keagy 
Donna Krueger 
Gayle Kubany 
Linda Kubany 
Debbie LaBovick 
Shelley Luczak 
Janet Masi 
Anne McCandless 
Nancy McCormick 
Peggy Michalski 
Sue Miller 
Marsha Mueller 
Donna Ohle 
Mary O'Keefe 
Cathy Parker 
Sue Rickey 
Sue Robinson 
)anna Roumm 
Pat Rowe 
Judy Rubino 
Pat Sankey 
Pam Scritchfield 
Debbie Semyan 
Chris Smith 
Barb Stahl 
Marilyn Stemler 
Lodi Swink 
Carol Timm 
Linda Trebilcox 
Kathy Urdzik 
Barb Waidelich 
Lorie Wallace 
Mary Kay Rura 
Ceil Wloczewski 


Janie Albright 
Sue Anderson 
Barb Baker 
Sandy Bayliss 
Diane Bolewitz 
Linda Bowser 
Peggy Brandl 
Marilyn Canfield 
Mary Clement 
Debbie Clouse 
Debbie Cusano 
Debbie Dietrick 
Mary Ann Donnelly 
Carole Dutterer 
Linda Farwell 
Debbie Fechar 
Eileen Gray 
Pat Gurgovits 
Kathy Hassinger 
Cheryl Hillard 
Debbie Hower 
Sandy Hughes 
Nancy Jenkins 
Kay Kehamond 
Cinda Kerns 
Lou Ann Kinol 
Kathy Kort 
Sue Kozak 
Vivian Lozada 
Jo Ann Lockwood 
Marsha Luckey 
Kathie McClintock 
Sue McGuier 
Judy Mead 
Lindy Mundell 
Sue Myers 
Sue Nussbaumer 
Chris Resarchick 
Barb Phillips 
Meg Rhen 
Sue Rittler 
Kathy Romar 
Dolores Rymeak 
Sandy Shearer 
Jackie Smith 
Debbie Stack 
Pat Szekeresh 
Debbie Tittle 
B. J. Toth 
Kathy Wickstrom 
Chris Wiser 
Pat Wiley 
Connie Youngblood 


Alpha Xi Delta 


Chi Alpha Sigma 


Sally Brown 
Meg Chapman 
Karen Genbauffe 
Carol Glunt 
Judy Howard 
Nancy Hutter 
Karen Keim 
Joyce Kijowski 
Susie Kinol 
Donna Laur 
Arleen Leslie 
Sue Lewis 
Barb Lincoln 
Diane Michler 
Jane Piccirilla 
Eileen Schroeder 
Anne Vincent 
Mary Vincent 
Pat Woodward 

Delta Phi Epsilon 


Delta Sigma Phi 


Kappa Delta Rho 

Clifford E. Bartow 
Wayne Bossinger 
Robert Brown 
Terry Brown 
Daniel Brownlee 
Anthony Buccina 
Howard Bullard 
Frank Burke 
Paul Charlson 
Kenneth Deitmen 
Dominic DiCindio 
Joseph DiNapoli 
James Dooley 
Timothy Drevna 
Robert Dudas 
David Eckle 
Thomas Eupizi 
Ronald Feraco 
Anthony Fiore 
Gary Cett 
Larry Creenberger 
Stephen Hoffman 
Kenneth Hue 
Lou Idzojtic 
Paul Jankowski 
Raymond Knap 
James Klipa 
Richard Knapko 
John Kunkle 
Robert Lee 
Robert Lees 
Anthony Lenze 
Robert Lore 
Robert Markovic 
Anthony Marsili 
Lou Martarano 
Robert McCintock 
Thomas McDonald 
Daniel McDonnell 
Robert Merriner 
Raymond Miller 
Jon Nevin Moore 
James O'Connor 
James O'Kieff 
Gary Pelucacci 
Joseph Pomorski 
Michael Quinlan 
Joseph Raglani 
Patrick Riley 
Joseph Rivosecchi 
C. Russell Rock 
Douglas Roth 
John Sakoian 
Ned Seelhorst 
Robert Semago 
Harold Shaffner 
Michael Stefanik 
Richard Supko 
James Tovery 
Kenneth Vinton 
Herbert Wardrop 
Daniel Williams 


Delta Zeta 


Gene Adam 
Susie Baker 
Nancy Barrett 
Roxie Bence 
Debbie Beauseigner 
Margie Vlack 
Barb Buechele 
Mary Cavanaugh 
Terry Chalmers 
Kathy Cotroneo 
Sally Critchfield 
Geri Drnach 
Ellen Fenton 
Kathy Fenton 
Debbie Frazier 
Barb Furber 
Chris Geuder 
Debbie Good 
Paulette Harvilla 
Chris Hawrylak 
Ellen Henderson 
Leslie Hlad 
Bernie Hudak 
Debbie Hurrell 
Lynne )affe 
Mary Ann Keblitsch 
Ginnie Kerr 
Karen Kinzle 
Jo Knapko 
Sandy Kozlowski 
Dee Dee Kress 
Mary Lou Krofchick 
Jan Kubera 
Laura Kulak 
Laurel Lawton 
Millie Lynch 
Paula Matovick 
Gloria Metzler 
Bonny Miller 
Ginnie Miller 
Bonnie Noblet 
Barb Nypaver 
Sue Osso 
Marie Palladini 
Susie Pisani 
Linda Portman 
Elaine Potts 
Candy Prosser 
Terre Rasmussen 
Debbie Redic 
Gail Richardson 
Linda Robertson 
Janet Rocco 
Nan Rougeux 

Marsha Schaeffer 
Pat Sharpenberg 
Joanie Stehman 
Karen Thomas 
Marilyn Undercofler 
Millie Wandel 
Debbie Wardel 
Barb Williams 
Wendy Wuenschell 
Doreen Zinobile 

Kappa Delta 


Jeanne Balla 
Bette Jo Campbell 
Billie Crumy 
Pat Doorley 
Peggy Eaton 
Jill Eisenhute 
Chris Figorski 
Debbie Finniss 
Margie Guegen 
Jan Hoff 
Cheryl Jeroski 
Linda Johnson 
Linda Kightlinger 
Patrice Kirkwood 
Toni Knez 
Karen Kreider 
Vicki Kunselman 
Cindy Martinelli 
Carney Mazanek 
Katie McDermott 
Bonnie Middleton 
Susie Mitchell 
Patty Murphy 
Betsy Naccarato 
Kathy Odrey 
Diane Padivese 
Suzanne Peters 
Joan Prebish 
Karen Robinson 
Denny Schellhammer 
Suzie Schutte 
Carol Shakley 
Ann Sicheri 
Jan Smith 
Barbara Snyder 
Becca Stadtmiller 
Rita Straka 
Jean Stover 
Paula Swent 
Lucy Yakulis 


Richard Bartkoski 
Larry Benedict 
Dave Brodar 
Dave Churbock 
Rob Copeland 
Van Cornish 
John Crabill 
Kurt Dadey 
Jerry Dudash 
Tom Fitzpatrick 
Dave Fox 
Irvin Frees 
Mike Gardner 
Chris Gennock 
Dick Goehring 
Jeff Goodenow 
Gary Heskey 
Bob Jack 

John Leyenberger 
Rich Marinzel 
Dave Newcomer 
Bob Rahl 
Paul Ruzomnerka 
Tom A. Shavolt 
Tom Senn 
George Shanahan 
Don Sholl 
Rich Skayer 
Ed Smith 

Kappa Sigma 


Lambda Chi Alpha 


Christian Anspach 
Robert Ach 
William Bader 
Bruce Baker 
Douglass Bassler 
John Bradosky 
Bruce Bush 
Michael Butler 
George Caruso 
Robert Cook 
James Dale 
James Dalpra 
William Davidson 
David Di Biase 
Andrew Doehrel 
Martin Farrell 
Daniel Fritz 
James Gabster 
Harold George 
Brent Godshall 
David Hemberger 
Clifford Hochensmith 
John Holt 
Bruce Houck 
George Hunter 
James Hyatt 
Erik Kroft 
Paul Kunowski 
Robert Marshll 
Daniel Mathis 
Russell Mazwell 
Lawrence McClure 
Paul McShane 
Daniel Miller 
Jeffery Miller 
Edward Nichols 
Donald Orlowski 
James Orr 
Thomas Pignone 
Stephen Reese 
William Ritter 
Robert Rogers 
Michael Ruscher 
Joseph Schildkamp 
David Sharkey 
Patrick Sims 
David Slezickwy 
Paul Stutz 
Donald Watkins 
Oscar Weller 
Ronald Wellings 
George Werner 
Thomas Wines 
Scott Witemberg 
Charles Finui 
Thomas Metz 
James Hoover 
Carl Koch 
Thomas Hon 



i^^B^fc^- ~**^«- VLv ^^B 

I 1 1 \*\ J Br J 


• • 

• • 

t W \ 


4 1 

4l /"- r — .' 

r$ *%* 1 - ■ 

r H 

>!^Hr ** i 

Phi Kappa Psi 


Phi Mu 


Terri Bondi 
Donna Campbell 
Helen Carnahan 
Cathy Chemelli 
Debbie Clouse 
Michele Cignetto 
Patti DePaolo 
Donna Edwards 
Joyce Grimm 
Betl\ Jordan 
Elaine Jozwiak 
Annette Kaminski 
Margie Kimport 
Vicky Kushner 
Toni Lehman 
Elaine Liberto 
Beth Linker 
Debi Long 
Gail Loper 
Patti Martin 
Carrol May 
Kathy McElhinny 
Linda McKendry 
Marian McPhillips 
Dian Miller 
Josie Mojock 
Stana Muskin 
Maureen Mustin 
Cheryl Newton 
Andrea Ocepek 
Patti Pforsick 
Chris Quinn 
Dee Dee Reynolds 
Barb Sanders 
Terry Schroth 
Jan Scott 
Susie Seftic 
Margie Sherman 
Fran Shoaf 
Vicki Shrader 
Kathy Smith 
Elaine Stypula 
Patti Telford 
Kristi Thomas 
Linda Thompson 
Debbie Thomson 
Susie Trostle 
Nancy Zadarko 
Janet DeLisa 


Phi Sigma Kappa 


T. Hicks 
R. Perry 
). Meldrum 
W. Wilson 

F. Bohan 
D. Acher 
L. DePue 

G. Seelye 

A. Canassa 
K. Lyttle 

V. DonGiovanni 
). Reynolds 
P. White 

B. Chaleff 
R. Brecker 

D. Cairns 

E. Conroy 

F. Winter 
T. Holben 

C. Gehrett 

D. Skena 
D. Wiatrak 
D. Burns 
W. Kudler 
T. Berrian 
J. Severa 

J. E. O'Neill 
M. Holbert 
). Pileggi 
L. Mihalich 
). Heny 

R. Radamacher 
D. Franciamone 
J. Bohach 
W. Conley 

B. Gourley 

C. Johnson 
L. Judge 

G. Luckenbill 

D. Morse 

E. Richel 
R. Ross 
L. Royers 
C. Sholley 

J. Tewksbury 


Richard J. Albright 

Gary Brennan 

Richard Clawson 

Mike Deane 

Rick Dicks 

Dennis Fedyk 

J.R. Fannan 

David Ceist 

William George 

Bob Green 

Henry S. Heine 

Barry Hice 

William Hurt 

Jeff Kroberger 

Wayne Allen Logue 

Alan Maciejewski 

Ronald Markus 

Rob Mazzorta 

Bob Meyer 

Dennis Morgan 

Rich Navalance 

)ohn P. Ort 

Dan Pasko 

Gary Pensis 

J. Patrick Smith 

William Stump 

Donald Eugene Thompson 

Tom Thompson 

Richard Varrati 

Glen Warchol 

Bob White 

John Wood 

Sigma Chi Delta 


Sigma Kappa 

)udi Accurti 
Debbie Aliquo 
Sharon Barr 
Darlene Behurinsky 
Mary Alice Bellissimo 
Debbie Bostocky 
Cinda Bruce 
Charlene Bush 
Karen Casteel 
Rosie Cichowski 
Sharon Conely 
Janice Cupples 
Debbie Dober 
Mary )ane Dobish 
Eileen Fallon 
Sandy Fazio 
Robin Ferra 
Susie Fisher 
Dell Glenn 
Becky Graham 
Donna Gresh 
Helen Hartman 
Marsha Hartzell 
Elaine Hillegas 
Linda Holmes 
Lori Hricik 
Cathy Hummel 
Pat Johnston 
Andy Kadar 
Sally Kaufman 
Kris Kelchner 
Cile Lelley 
Jeane Kennedy 
)an Kunning 
Char Kutchman 
Karen Lachenmayer 
Sheri Lashley 
Debbie Lauer 
Linda Mackey 
Lynn Mackintosh 
Poppy Markel 
Colleen Martin 
Nancy Marvich 
Kathy McWhertor 
Paula Mears 
Mary Kay Meighen 
Maureen Morris 
Sue Pugliese 
Carol Ricketts 
Sharon Riley 
Debbie Russell 
janine Scrignoli 
Sherwyn Slater 
Becky Smith 
Barb Stanfast 
Debbie Stoerkel 
Sandy Taddie 
Mary Lynn Tocci 
Chris Torrence 
Linda Wallis 
Dyan Walters 
Jan Weinheimer 
Bev Wilson 
Elaine Wilson 
Sue Young 
Cathy Zink )45 

Dave Angelini 
Joe Arena 
Barry Balliet 
Pat Callahan 
Lou Conte 
Chuck Criswell 
Dale Doban 
Mike Dobos 
Larry Erb 
Wally Fairman 
Nick Figel 
Rick Fogle 
Eric Frantz 
Bob Gialloreto 
John Crumbine 
Mike Hartman 
Jeff Jeckavitch 
Gene Klanica 
)ohn Kofalt 
lack Luttner 
Damian Marcinek 
Alan May 
Marty McCullough 
Dan Maeley 
Bill Mercer 
Rick Milne 
Tim O'Keefe 
Steve Orosz 
Tim Repp 
Bill Ridenour 
Bernie Rodgers 
Mike Trakas 

Sigma Nu 


Phi Kappa Theta 

Al Ader 
Jeff Blough 
Paul Bradley 
Mark Brancato 
Tom Brunner 
John Chernega 
Don Delenko 
Bob Dickmann 
Chuck Donina 
Henry Enright 
Mike Hoy 
Randy Ivanciw 
Randy Kahler 
Joe Karas 
Rob Kerstetter 
Steve Kowitz 
John Krietzer 
Ben Mader 
Terry Mitchell 
Dave Obermeier 
Dan Roenig 
Wes Skibo 
Bill Sobota 
Terry St. Clair 
John Stubanas 
Dean Sykes 
Dave Wagner 
Randy Warren 


Sigma Sigma Sigma 


Linda Altfather 
Jan Bagley 
Celine Balbo 
Cindy Baron 
Cindy Berkshire 
Virginia Carducci 
Cathy Craddock 
Suzanne Croft 
Candy Crisafi 
)an Dougherty 
Linda Ellerman 
Karne Fox 
Gayle Callivan 
Mary Lou Ghia 
Barb Gigliotti 
Kathy Hanne 
Eileen Heiles 
Cindy Kinter 
Sue Kownacki 
Mimi Maguire 
Sally Miller 
Mary Jo Parti 
Chris Porta 
Denise Reitz 
Rita Restive 
Barb Ricci 
Janice Ross 
Patty Rost 
Carey Schoenig 
Jill Schumann 
Donna Schwing 
Roseanne Snyder 
Nancy Varner 


Sigma Tau Gamma 


Ken Amiano 
Tom Amos 
Bell Bitner 
Georgie Blackmore 
Marty Bolo 
Ed Bouchette 
Willie Boyce 
Patsy Brizzi 
Sherm Brizzi 
Ray Burchill 
Jeff Cocker 
Leigh Cornelius 
Big Dab Deemer 
Greg Erbel 
Deadeye Evans 
Walt Farnham 
Dave Fleming 
Ken Fridey 
LaRoy Gaylor 
Bill Giuliani 
Kelly Gianguzi 
Flash Gordon 
Mike Gruen 
Earl Hart 
Ike Incorvati 
T. Jenkins 
John Keller 
Sky King 
Fran Kotula 
Franko Kovalcik 
Jack Kozel 
Dale Kraynak 
Den Duce 
Bozo "Ed" Martin 
Spic Martini 
Rick Martini 
Bugsy McDonald 
J.J. Muraco 
Don O'Leary 
Rich Parish 
Nerd Porter 
Steve Rayburg 
Fred Romano 
James Smith 
Joe Stefka 
Donald Toy 
Richard Urick 
Roy Volkar 
Bob White 
Cro Zollner 


Theta Chi 


Theta Xi 


Zeta Tau Alpha 


Vicki Abel 
Jan Altrogge 
Janet Anthony 
Debi Barto 
Kathy Baum 
Sue Black 
Nancy Bowman 
Linda Buchek 
Jackie Buckingham 
Annette Carifo 
Diane Chamberlin 
Toni Chianese 
Ruth Clark 
Mary D'Angelo 
Kathy Daskivich 
Julie Dauer 
Janet Dethloff 
Doris DiCenzo 
Rosemary Ferguson 
Trish Foster 
Lana French 
Wendy Godfrey 
Linda Cuilbrandsen 
Barbara Haas 
Cindy Hernjak 
Barbara Hintz 
Nancy Klingensmith 
Sue Kordwitz 
Francie Krupa 
Karen Kulchyki 
Judi Kuszaj 
Jane Leavengood 
Sue Mader 
Elaine Marince 
Joan Matthews 
Sandy McClelland 
Connie McGrane 
Pat Mclntyre 
Lynn Miller 
Kathy Neel 
Patty Nestor 
Peggy Noroski 
Pam Pavelish 
Gwen Peirson 
Geri Pillar 
Kathy Rappo 
Sue Rimoldi 
Julie Roberts 
Darcy Robinson 
Danna Roos 
Sheila Rusch 
Pam Serecin 
Amy Shope 
Margie Silveri 
Peggy Smelko 
Debbie Smiley 
Sharon Takacs 
Barb Taylor 
Julie Vickers 
Eileen Wilkins 
Arlene Wilson 
Barb Yoest 
Chris Zartman 
Beth Zellers 


Sharon Barr 
Debbie Dillon 
Kathy Dunlap 
Diane Enrietti 
Leanne Fanning 
)an Heisey 
jan Hoff 
Debbie Keagy 
Diane Lober 
Candy Prosser 
Jan Scott 
Kathy Smith 
Livvy Zitelli 

Panhellenic Council 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

Phi Kappa Psi 

Theta Xi 

Sigma Chi Delta 
Sigma Tau Gamma 
Kappa Sigma 
Phi Kappa Theta 
Sigma Nu 
Theta Chi 
Kappa Delta Rho 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Theta Xi 

-Frank Cutitta, 

-E. Michael )ones, 

-Gary Kovach, 

-John Ort 
-Rich Parrish 
-Jeff Goodenow 
-Dan Roenigk 
-Dale Doban 
-Phil Von Funk 
-Pat Riley 
-Dave Achee 
-Craig Sholley 
-John Bradosky 
-Sal Colalillo 
-Dennis Narey 

Interfraternity Counci 



Molly Toner— Sponsor 

SGM John R. Dale, Jr.-Advisor 

Ricki Bower 
Mike Caruso 
Joseph Conway 
Bill Cressman 
Charles Draksler 
Fred Kepner 
Gary McGough 
Patrick McMahon 
Daniel Nettling 
William Patterson 
Carl Schneider 
)ohn Service 
Frank Siffrim 
Ron Taylor 

Steven Abel 
Don Anderson 
Richard Coppula 
Dan Constantini 
Charles Draksler 
Roy Fagan 
Tom Kobarekik 
Don Langley 
James Manno 
)im Price 

Richard Sandbocke 
Thomas J. Smedley 
Thomas Stephens 
William Unger 


Dennis Barletta 

Mike Boiler 

Chuck Bongiovanni 

]ohn Boughner 

Rick Bower 

Steve Brehm 

Gary Brindle 

Dave Brown 

Kim Brown 

John Burke 

Jim Cengia 

Dan Costantini 

Bob Crytzer 

Tom Csrnko 

Dave Delisi 

Rich Derbis 

Kevin Ellenberger 

Dave Girts 

Don Horn 

Ken Jabbour 

Bob Kilmer 

Don Lee 

Glenn Maloney 

Tony Marcoaldi 

Dave Miller 

Frank Muto 

Rick Parker 

Ron Reynolds 

Bob Robbins 

Joe Russell 

Jim Stenson 

Tom Stephens 

Al Vargesko 

Ron Weaverling 

Mike Williams 

Lucy Yakulis 

Paul Yurky 

Mike Zang 

Captain Wayne Sager 

SSG Irvin Parker 

Pershing Rifles 


Debbie Bach 
Diane Corso 
Ann Efkeman 
Brenda Eicher 
Diane Elder 
Maggie Frederick 
Cindy Friend 
Deborah Carlow 
Denise Howell 
Judy Hughes 
Mari Jo Mangold 
Peggy Mazyck 
Cheryl McLaughlin 
Susan McMichael 
Pam McWilliams 
Marcia Rowe 
Laura Rudolph 
Nicole Simounet 
Debbie Smith 
Sally Taylor 
Debbie Urosek 
Janet Wood 

Cindy Bailey 
Lori Geahry 
Marjorie Liese 
Denise McCrory 
Loretta McGinley 
Judy Merencik 
Diane Mielke 
Patty Murphy 
Val Swanson 
Judy Visco 
Deb Yanosky 

L'Esprit de Bleu 


Major Melby, 

Diane Agardy 
Kathy Donahoe 
Barbara Hintz 
Sharon Riley 
Linda Stahl 


Ron Alsop 
Sam Amendola 
Barb Antley 
Dennis Arner 
Bev Ashton 
Gary Basinger 
Joe Bobick 
Tom Bonner 
Ava Bower 
Ron Christofano 
Dan Costantini 
Rich Derbis 
Dave Durkota 
Jan Emmer 
Gordon Frentz 
Rhea Green 
Rod Grundy 
Bob Hromack 
Ron Jevicky 
Kathy Kirk 
Pat McDonough 
Bob McGuire 
Jan Michael 
Don Millard 
Lucy Miller 
Bill Morrison 
Dave Newcomer 
Joe Piescik 
Jim Printy 
Rich Sandbathe 
Rich Santo 
Jerry Shratz 
Larry Singer 
Tom Sippel 
Jerry Smith 
Pat Stockton 
Gary Titter 
Bill Unger 
Carla Warren 
Dennis Lindberg 

Lambda Alpha Epsilon 


Dara Apel 
Barb Breisinger 
Vicki Chapasko 
Connie Dillner 
Linda Garber 
Debbie Nogee 
Barbara Rigo 
Sharon Sieman 
Mary Lou Stack 
Linda Stahl 
Darlene Tatrn 
Pam Vuiciuch 
Cassie Wilkie 
Marilyn Woods 

Home Economic 

Kappa Omicron Phi 

Barbara Baker 
Chris Blinkiewisz 
Cheryl Boyce 
Kimberly A. Brown 
Jacquelyn Cahill 
Vicki Chapasko 
Sylvia Escort 
Barbara Felczak 
Linda Garber 
Nancy Goad 
Beverly Hundzienski 
Nancy Kashey 
Betty Kidston 
Linda Kightlinger 
Constance Kurpakus 
Jackie Reckner 
Mary Lou Rees 
Barbara Rigo 
Anne Sheridan 
Linda Stahl 
Candace Struple 
Val Swanson 
Sharon Usnick 
Helen Yurkovich 

Joyce Brennan 
Doris Cramer 
Janice Dupay 
Terry Gergely 
Gary Grant 
Keith Haynal 
Cindy Mastaler 
Wanda Pinchock 

Council for Exceptional 

Pi Omega Pi 

Dr. Myron Yagel— Advisor 
Edwina Frasca— President 
Tom Kattouf-Pres.-elect 
Chris Gronsky— Secretary 
Ron Tarosky— Treasurer 

Kathy Bukata-Membership Chmn. 
Mary McKee-Program Chmn. 


Rho Tau 

Don Robbins— Advisor 
John McGee— President 
John McElligott-Vice-president 
Jean Allgeier, Dan Barry, Marian Briskey, Jan 
Butera, Mike Caruso, Ruth Fleck, Ken H Ne- 
man, Jan Heisey, Gary Jeffery, Ben Mader, 
Rich McClain, Ruth Milan, Wayne Moser, 
Joanne Mulvihill, Barry Mumford, Debbie 
Mummert, Jim Nania, Earl Newman, John 
Noe, Carl Parise, Glenn Reinhart, Ken Slafka, 
Debbie Smith, John Stewart, Tim Zimmerman 


Jean Allgeier 

Jim Boslet 

Jim Dugan 

Ruth Fleck 

Ken Hileman 

Jean Hlasnick 

Len Johnson 

Jim Miller 

Dave Ohl 

Debbie Smith 

Mr. Charles B. Stevenson 

Gary Watson 

Bob Zimmel 


El Circulo Espanol 


Kathy Damato 
Nancy Freas 
Linda Freeman 
Diane Geddis 
Mary Hancharick 
Andrea Kevech 
Cheryl McLaughlin 
Carol Meyers 
Julia Newcomer 
Kathy Oliver 
Bev Simpson 

Pi Delta Phi 

French Club 

Nicole Brewster 
Kathy Damato 
Nancy Freas 
Linda Freeman 
Diane Geddis 
Myriam Craillot 
Marilyn Grindel 
Mary Hancharick 
Scott Holland 
Denise Howell 
Andrea Kevech 
Carolyn King 
Cheryl McLaughlin 
Maryann Melcer 
Denise Mirandola 
Judy Moody 
Linda Munn 
Carol Myers 
Julie Newcomer 
Kathy Oliver 
Inez Pulgiese 
Debbie Raspet 
Eileen Rozzi 
Beverly Simpson 



Missing from picture: Bob Bidamen, Tim Coughlin, Joe Ferris, Jigoro Kano, Luanne Hendricks, Steve Kauf- 
man, Lynne Kuhstoss, Karen Labant, Jim Resh, Wendy Wise, )udy Zerfoss 

Judo Club 

Peggy Shenk 

Joe Cimino 

Carl Haftl 

Paulette Grinch 

Bill Klein 

Tony Novogradac 

Debbie Dengler 

Charles Mickens 

Huey Folweiler 

Carol Palenchar 

Scott Wertman 

Ray Weinert 

Janie Albright 

Don Brown 

John Crahen 

Lorinda Macshane 

Carl Flamm 

Perl Page 

Marian Bremmer 

Dr. Andrew Petras 

John Begley 

Nancy Wilhelm 

Dave Fritsch 

Hays Mayo 

Janet Bagaley 

Dixon Lightcap 

Barbara McElhaney 

Dana Catalona 

Shelley Ferguson 


Mike Bochicchio 
Rick Downs 
Elton Futrell 
Joe Coodnack 
Don Langley 

Don Kelley 
Dan Koach 
Tom McFadden 
Stan Shirley 
Bruce Weinstein 
Mark Williams 
Vincent Williams 

Karate Club 

Elementary Education Club 

Susan Burns 
Karen Busch 
Gay Cramer 
Janet Ficerai 
Suzi Knoll 
Sue Kohler 
Linda Korns 
Stephen Liadis 
Sarah Matthews 
Monica Podhurcak 
Sharon Swope 
Sharon Trimble 


Mickey Brennan 
Susan Dill 
Jan Hoff 
Dan Kotcher 
Pat Moyer 
Linda Rexroad 
Elaine Stypula 
Kyra Troyan 

Chi Beta Phi 

Biology Club 

Chris Antonelli 
John Antonelli 
Marianne Augustyn 
Lee Barley 
John Birckbichler 
Bev Brown 
Lori Danielson 
Carol Deputy 
Randy Detro 
Charles Ettinger 
Joe Ferris 
Fred Goodman 
Fred Heagy 
Colleen Lissy 
Stephanie Mihalyov 
Steve Mills 
Barry Moser 
Wayne McCullough 
Tom McDowell 
Martin Neidig 
Gerry Owens 
Cynthia Paules 
Ricki Pirozzi 
Linda Rexroad 
Peg Rutledge 
Nancy Sheridan 
John Straneva 
Elaine Stypula 

Kappa Mu Epsilon 

Dave Alberth 
Marcia Bromyard 
Marcia Bosely 
Sue Caldwell 
Rebecca Cimini 
Lynette Cox 
Paula Dalton 
Terri Eppenhimer 
Cathy Greiner 
Janet Hall 
Arlene Hlasnick 
Debra Horkialt 
Mary Jane Horvanic 
)udy Kerestes 
Kathy Kripp 
Arleen Leslie 

Sue Lowell 
Lou Ann Mathieu 
David McCachien 
Tom Menzies 
Dennis A. Mollura 
Diane Mudock 
Rich Murtha 
Diane O'Donnell 
Paula Previte 
Elaine Ranieri 
Mary Lou Tomko 
Ramona Savoccia 
John Schutte 
Janet Shiels 
Jim Shultz 


Concert Dance Group 


Foreign Students' Club 

Sun Chung 
Myriam Craillot 
Nanette Ho 
Krisana Inchunarong 
Lisa Lam 
Eva Law 
Jong Lee 
Shih Chiung Lee 
Angela Ma 
Yesecan Ricaloglu 
Maria Ruscher 
Khalio Siddiqui 
Yasin Tanweer 
loanna Tzakof 
Demetrios Velis 
Christina Wan 
Alexander Wong 
Amy Yao 
Raymond Yeh 


Apprentice Dance Group 

International Relations Club 

Jim Allen 
Sun Chung 
Nancy Dombrowski 
Janet Goodwin 
Deboarh Haraczka 
Lisa Lai Lam 
Eva S. Law 
Larry Light 
Angela Yan Chit Ma 
Russ Man- 
Tony Marsili 
Susan Plunkett 
Yesecan Ricaglu 
Tom Sapovits 
Gail Schotoff 
Janet Shirey 
Bill Stout 
Tony Tarosky 
Demetrios Velis 
Sally Wilson 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Pat Boyer 
Dan Costantini 
Tom Cvammen 
Russ Hazy 
Chris Hennessy 
Scott Holland 
Dave Hunter 
Phil Kern 
Tom Koharchik 
Bob Leard 
Jon May 
Terry McDowell 
Bob Merman 
Ron Milovac 
Bob Robbins 
Roger Ross 
Tom Stauffer 
John Steele 
Jim Stephens 
Marty Tjaittas 
Barry Trexler 
Bob Whalen 
Keith Wilson 


Gamma Sigma Sigma 

An Independent Student Voice 


Fall Semester 

Editor John A. Christ 

Business Manager Earl E. Pierce 

Production Manager Pat E. Popielski 

Managing Editor Gail Smith 

Assistant Greg Harris 

Faculty Advisor L. ). Bright 



Spring Semester 

Editor Gail Smith 

Business Manager Earl E. Pierce 

Production Manager Cliff Moll 

Managing Editor Greg Harris 

Assistant David Venditta 

Faculty Advisor L. J. Bright 







The Oak 




1973 OAK 

Coeditors Bob Neely, Cayle Larsen 

Business Manager J. Gary Jeffery 

Advisor Don Robbins 

Staff: Jean Chirigos, Larry Singer, Denise Davis, 

Tom Sherry, Howard Blystone, Sharon Us- 

nick, Tim Leventry, Jed Weisberger 
Photographers: Bob Neely, Tom Sherry, Mark 

Jones, Larry Singer, Fred Maize, Tony Maize, 

Jon May, Rosemary Nicholls 


■ > ■ • •••^•v'VC^---— ^\v 
-. ''.••V'.V<> ? s J 

^^im \ 



Student Government Association 

Dave Kolega 
President— 1st semester 

Gary Belonzi 
Vice-President— 1st semester— 2nd semester 


Joe Cimino 
President— 2nd semester 






* jL 





j /. 



,3 V 








Stephen G. Abel 

Leslie |. Adamson 

Deborah L. Aliquo 

Carol A. Ammirato 

Susan B. Anderson 

Cheryl A. Abramovic 

Angelo A. Adrogna 

Elaine M. Allen 

loanne Amyerschoff 

Emma L. Andraychak 

David L. Acker 

Nancy L. Aho 

Monica C Allgeier 

)anet H. Ancitano 

Terence L. Andres 

Mark Adams 

Fred L. Ackerberg 

Deborah |. Allwine 

Christine E. Anderson 

Bonnie L. Andrews 

Mary A. Adamczyk 

Patricia A. Akers 

Carolyn F. Ambrose 

lanet R. Anderson 

D. J. Andrews 



Janet K. Anthony 
(udith E. Anthony 
Ann M. Arigoni 
Gail Armstrong 
Dennis K. Arner 

Kathleen Ashbaugh 
Janet S. Atutes 
Georgia Auble 
Linda Aukerman 
Janis E. Baccanti 

Darlene Bahurinsky 
Alfred J. Baker 
Barbara A. Baker 
Denise L. Baker 
Michaelene A. Baker 

Celine A. Balbo 
Margaret E. Bald 
Mary E. Bald 
Sally A. Baldwin 
Ken D. Ball 

Geraldine Baltich 
Ellen C Bancroft 
Lewis N. Baks 
Marilyn Banyas 
John E. Barilar 



Peggy |. Barkman 
Patricia L. Barkus 
Vicki L. Barlert 
Deborah L. Barlow 
Ralph E. Barone 

Gloria A. Baroni 
Diana ). Barr 
Donald ). Barron 
Daniel I. Barry 
Marilyn J. Barth 

Debra K. Barto 
Linda |. Bartoli 
Angela G. Basile 
Karem M. Basile 
Diane L. Bauer 

Vikki A. Baxter 
Vicki R. Beabout 
Nancy E. Bearty 
Debra ). Beausergreur 
Gail K. Becker 

Kathleen M. Bell 
Patricia L. Bell 
Deborah L. Bellmore 
Betsy A. Belz 
Cynthia ). Benanti 



Roxie A. Bence 
George H. Bender 
Maureen A. Bender 
Rose Benedict 
Charlene A. Bennett 

Diane Bennett 
Marie Y. Bentley 
Bonnie S. Berkly 
Rita A. Bernardi 
Gary R. Bernardo 

Lucinda K. Berwanger 
Rebecca A. Betetto 
)eanne M. Betz 
Andrea L. Bezik 
Carolyn E. Biagini 

Debra L. Bickham 
Charles W. Bihum 
Marilyn A. Bielich 
Susan E. Bindas 
Susan J. Binder 

Robert L. Binford 
Linda E. Black 
Christine Blinkewicz 
Linda |. Bliss 
Elaine C. Blomberg 




Barbara J. Blood 
Mary A. Blum 
Ronald A. Blumer 
Howard Blystone 
Melanie A. Bobby 

Judith A. Bobenage 
Andrew Bobnar 
Larry T. Bodnar 
Susan E. Boeltz 
Elysa G. Boffo 

Theresa L. Bolden 
Diane M. Bolewitz 
lames W. Bolton 
Faye Bolton 
Denise Bonitsky 

Edward J. Bouchette 
Nancy C. Bowman 
Michele Boxberger 
loan M. Boyd 
Cathy L. Boyer 

Diana L. Boyles 
Paul B. Bradley 
Miriam F. Bratton 
Robert |. Brecker 
loyce E. Brennan 



Deborah L. Bricker 
Susan K. Briner 
Kimberly Bristor 
Barbara L. Brilcher 
Barbara C. Brock 

Debra ). Broker 
Barbara J. Brotherton 
Barbara A. Brown 
Carolyn M. Brown 
Cynthia I. Brown 

Kathleen M. Brown 
Margaret |. Brown 
Sally C. Brown 
Daniel P. Brownlee 
Patricia A. Brungard 

Thomas R. Brunner 
Dennis E. Brenner 
Arlene J. Bubrik 
Anthony J. Buccina 
Lorraine D. Buchanan 

Janet C. Buchinsky 
Richard A. Budol 
Barbara A. Buechele 
Thomas ). Buggey 
lay L. Bullie Jr. 



Linda S. Bullock 
Mary P. Bunger 
Rita Buranosky 
Cathy L. Burchett 
Margaret I. Burik 

Loinda R. Buriner 
Beth E. Burkhart 
Connie L. Burney 
Susan ). Bums 
Linda R. Burtner 

Karen L. Busch 
Janet M. Butera 
Mary K. Buttery 
Michael |. Bytner 
Daniel A. Cali 

Christina Campanella 
Bette |. Campbell 
Deborah ). Campbell 
W.D. Canan 
Marsha ). Canzano 

Carmelia C. Carasea 
Karen A. Carney 
John C. Carom 
William E. Carroll 
Anna M. Carrozza 



Michael F. Carlledge 
Maty J. Caruso 
George W. Caruso 
Linda D. Cashman 
Robert W. Cassel 

Dennis E. Cassidy 
Susan L. Cassidy 
R.M. Casteel 
lanice M. Cerajo 
Nancy Cernobyl 

Lee A. Cepue 
Nicholas J. Cekovich 
Albert T. Cejka 
Twila A. Chambers 
Vicki D. Chapasko 

Christy L. Chappie 
|ohn Chernega 
Janice A. Chesley 
Janet A. Cheslock 
Linda L. Chila 

Beverly ). Childs 
|oni A. Chirico 
(ill M. Christensen 
Kathy L. Christenson 
Mary S. Christopher 



Janice S. Chuhran 
William S. Churchill 
Roseanne J. Cichowski 
Lois I. Clark 
Lois M. Clark 

William |. Clark 
Beverly |. Clausing 
Gary L. Cleaver 
Cynthia L. Clifton 
Melissa D. Cline 

Thomas D. Clingan 
Donna M. Clougherty 
Sandra ). Koholich 
Bernice R. Colantonio 
Annaliese P. Cole 

Rita M. Cole 
Barbara |. Collella 
Donna ). Collins 
Judith C. Colliver 
Peggi Conlin 

lames A. Connelly 
Patricia J. Conoway 
Lynda J. Copeland 
Leigh B. Cornelius 
Van A. Cornish 



Janet L. Costanzo 

Candice L. Crisofi 

Thomas O. Danielson 

Beverly S. Davis 

Nanette E. Davis 

Barry K. Cosey 

Paula F. Dalton 

Sharon L. Danklef 

Brenda K. Davis 

Robert D. Davis 

Kathy A. Cotroneo 

Kathy L. Damato 

Kristin.] K. Darkes 

Debra S. Davis 

Sue A. Davis 

Candrus D. Craig 

Mary F. D'Angelo 

Mary E. Donnelly 

Janice L. Davis 

William R. Davis 

Mary B. Craig 

Loretta K. Danielson 

Julie A. Dauer 

Martha J. Davis 

Michael T. Deane 



Rebecca J. Deane 
Patricia A. Decoudres 
Virginia C. Deet 
Elaine B. Defalco 
Rosalyn M. Defalco 

Peter ). Defilippi 
Joyce A. Deininger 
Patricia A. Deldin 
Janet N. Delisa 
Bernadine C. Delisi 

Paulette Del Singnore 
Carol L. Dembeck 
Miriam E. Denis 
left L. Dentler 
James D. Devino 

Blane K. Dessy 
Patricia J. Derr 
Carol A. Deputy 
Patricia A. De Paolo 
Janice C. Diana 

Phyllis A. Diciccio 
Donna A. Dick 
Robert G. Dickmann 
Alexis Dillon 
Deborah A. Dillon 



• *. w 



Patricia L. Dirling 
Mary E. Disanti 
Deborah ). Dober 
Thomas F. Dobies 
Sophianna Dobronsky 

Charlene W. Doege 
Richard L. Doner 
Kathleen Donnelly 
Deborah A. Dorazio 
Barbara A. Doria 

Elaine T. Dorsel 
Denise C. Dorsner 
Janis E. Douglas 
Charles E. Draksler 
Barry Drangel 

Harvey E. Draper 
Peggy R. Dreher 
Timothy Drevna 
Janet L. Drover 
Darle T. Drummond 

Margaret R. Duerr 
Sue E. Duffy 
Sherry M. Dugan 
Susan M. Duglass 
David J. Duncan 



Catherine H. Dunlap 

Mary A. Easly 

Edward R. Ek 

Barbara I Elling 

Kathleen R. Dunlap 

Lois E. Ebright 

Peggy ). Elder 

Allan R. Ellstrom 

Michael A. Dun 

Laraine E. Eddy 

Brian ). Eldridge 

Kitty |. Elsesser 

David L. Dzelsky 

Donna L. Edwards 

Marylouise Ellena 

Susan Elsesser 

Barbara ). Dziamniski 

Linda |. Edwards 

Linda S. Ellerman 

Joseph V. Emerick 

Lou E. Emery 
Gerald A. Emili 
Jere L. Engleman 
Robert A. Erb 
Susan E. Erdely 



lana A. Erickson 

Catherine A. Evans 

Patricia A. Fabin 

Sandra L. Fazio 

Diana M. Ferrick 

Kathy L. Ervin 

Karen J. Evans 

Deborah L. Fako 

Mitchell C. Fedak 

Joseph S. Ferris 

Christine D. Espey 

Lois K. Etchison 

Carolyn M. Fallecker 

Deborah Feidt 

Debra L. Fetcko 

Joan E. Essex 

Sandra L. Evers 

)ohn R. Fannan 

Jonathan E. Fennel 

Linda M. Fields 

Diana ). Evans 

Marcia L. Ezrott 

Linda C. Farwell 

Rosemari Ferguson 

Bill ie ). Finley 



Linda K. Finn 
Christine M. Fiorina 
Diana |. Fisanich 
Edward C. Fiscus 
Ruth A. Fleck 

Karen L. Focht 
Glenna I. Forquer 
Linda |. Fowler 
David C. Frankle 
Larraine |. Frantz 

Pamela ). Franz 
Lana ). French 
Beverly A. Frengel 
Cayle M. Freundel 
Ronna L. Friedman 

Dawne R. Frund 
Kathryn A. Funyak 
|ohn W. Gaffney 
Francine J. Gaibis 
Martha L. Gallagher 

Debra S. Gambi 
Margaret A. Gardner 
Susan B. Garland 
Harold R. Garlick 
Laura L. Garlington 



Anita M. Carr 
Anne L. Caslevic 
Kathy A. Gates 
Barbara J. Gavin 
Joanne M. Gawlas 

Sandra L. Geiger 
Gary C. Gelesh 
Karen D. Genbauffe 
Robert F. Gentile 
Janet L. Gentzel 

Diana L. Geodis 
Harold W. George 
Martha A. George 
Kenneth E. Gephart 
Mary F. Gildea 

Jasper E. Gilmer 
Mary L. Gilmore 
Christine J. Glassner 
Judy L. Glover 
Rosemary Glowa 

Barbara M. Goetz 
Nancy F. Good 
Debra A. Gorchik 
Michele L. Gorczyca 
Darla K. Gordner 



Gary L. Cordon 
Terry A. Gordon 
Gregory L. Gorman 
Kenneth A. Gorman 
Dennis W. Gormish 

Gary A. Grant 
Karen L. Grant 
Donna L. Graybill 
Laslo Greczy 
June E. Green 

Margaret A. Green 
Deborah ). Griffin 
Dan G. Griffith 
Edward ). Grill 
Lori K. Grimshaw 

Elva |. Growden 
Rodney E. Grundy 
Janice L. Guerrieri 
Sandra C. Gulich 
Patricia Gurgovits 

Patricia A. Guthrie 
D. C. Hackett 
Linda K. Haddad 
Dawn L. Hale 
William C. Hale 


Kgsfevi,?'- ?*'? :'"'■'■"•'■'•••'•.■. 



■ ■'•■':., - 





lanet L. Hageter 
Ed. ard H. Hall 
lucinda A. Hall 
Diane L. Haller 
Daniel A. Hanczar 

Iris J. Handie 
James R. Hanley 
Cynthia K. Harbaugh 
Anne E. Harris 
Cathy S. Hassinger 

Edwin Elasson 
Carole ). Haube 
lack ]. Hawbaker 
Kathlynn M. Hawk 
Frederick |. Heagy 

Deborah ). Hechler 
Bill |. Hefele 
lames W. Heffner, )r. 
lames C. Heiser, |r. 
Barbara I. Henderson 

Barbara S. Hendrickson 
Carla D. Henninger 
Harriet L. Henry 
Leslie A. Henry 
Cynthia A. Herniak 



Kathryn L. Herr 
Alice A. Herrity 

Terry C. Hetrick 
Hope A. Heubach 

Janet M. Hildebrand 
lane M. Hillebrand 

Elaine M. Hillegas 
Donna A. Hilty 

Amy D. Himes 
Linda L. Hinkleman 



Arlene M. Hlasnick 
lean M. Hlasnik 
Edward A. Hlozek 
lanice H. Hochgertel 
Victoria C. Hogan 

Beverly D. Hulet 
Deborah L. Holmes 
Ginny Hopko 
Duane H. Blystone 
Donna |. Hoplamazian 

Ann M. Horney 
Kalhline L. Horner 
Mary |ane Hovanec 
Susan J. Hovetter 
lay C. Howell 

Debra S. Hower 
Michael |. Hoy 
Kenneth A. Hoyle 
George |. Hrabchak 
Christine M. Hritz 

Bonnie S. Hughes 
Mara H. Hughes 
Peggy L. Hughes 
Michael K. Hughey 
Beverly A. Hundzienski 



Debra ). Hunt Louis M. Idzojtic 

Frasier B. Hunt Phillip J. Imbrogno 

Krystal K. Hurlbut Michele A. Ivernizzi 

Cathleen A. Hitchinson Lynn Ireland 

lames E. Hyatt Diane L. Irvin 

Beverly K. Irvine 
Deborah L. Isenberg 
Julia A. )ackson 
Robert lames 
Carl A. lanko 

Paul ). Jankowski 
Marsha K. lanosek 
Linda L. (arratt 
Nancy E. lenkins 
Mary E. lennings 

Cheryl L. (eroski 
lanice L. lewart 
Sandra L. lobe 
Peter W. (ohansen 
Karen S. |ohns 



Cathryn S. Johnson 
Douglas G. Johnson 
Jeffrey L. Johnson 
Ruth Johnson 
Terry R. Johnson 

Linda G Johnston 
Patricia D. Johnston 
Susan E. Johnston 
H. Mark Jones 
Susan J. Jones 

Randy A. Kahler 
Annette M. Kaminski 
Carole A. Kaminski 
Linda S. Kander 
Cheryl M. Karl 

Kevin C. Karl 
Nancy A. Kashey 
Coleen R. Kassab 
Harry J. Karwczik 
Barry L. Kaufman 

Robert E. Kauffman 
Sally A. Kaufmann 
Joanne J. Kazlanckas 
Mervin A. Keeney 
Karen L. Keim 



Sara L. Keith 
Kristen E. Kelchner 
Beatrice R. Kelley 
Kathleen Kelly 
Keith A. Kelley 

Ellen K. Kenamond 
Janet T. Kendi 
Patricia A. Kenney 
Philip E. Kern, Jr. 
Robin L. Kerstetter 

Jesse T. Kssler 
Andrea M. Keveck 
Karen L. Keys 
Elizabeth A. Kidston 
Linda P. Kiefer 

Linda M. Kightlinger 
Sally M. Kilgore 
Barbara J. Killian 
Kay E. Kimberling 
Lou Ann Kinol 

Susan M. Kinol 
Sandra J. Kinskey 
Sandra A. Kinter 
Cynthia Kinter 
Robert E. Kipp 



William G. Kirk 

Rosemarie C. Klimek 

Judith E. Knapp 

Ludwik J. Kopec 

Linda ). Korns 

Carol E. Kirkpatrick 

Kenneth D. Kline 

Toni M. Knez 

Connie ). Koppe 

Kathleen L. Kort 

Marion L. Kirsch 

Larry E. Kline 

Mary Kuhar 

Susan ). Kordwitz 

Rebecca L. Kosmal 

Rogina M. Kist 

Louise E. Kline 

Susan M. Kohler 

lull. inn.) L. Konitsky 

Gary K. Kovach 

Naomi M. Kitt 

lames P. Klipa 

Joyce A. Kojowski 

Joan E. Koontz 

Susan P. Kozak 


Janice L. Kramer 

Christine L. Kritich 

Kenneth J. Kubala 

Kathryn A. Kutch 

Susan C. Laird 

Gay E. Kramer 

Paula Krizan 

Mary |. Kubany 

Marshall R. Kyler 

Jacqueline N. Lamanna 

Karen M. kreider 

Donna J. Kreuger 

Janice A. Kubera 

Karen L. Labell 

Karen J. Lamm 

Jayne E. Kretchman 

Elizabeth A. Krugle 

Mary J. Kuffner 

Karen A. Lachenmayer 

Raymond C. Lang Jr. 

Donald B. Krilley 

Mark L. Krynicki 


Patsy Lagnese 

Anna M. Larko 






Margaret A. Larson 
Sheryl A. Lashley 
Kathleen L. Latin 
Barbara E. Lauffer 
Connie ). Laughlin 

William E. Layton 
Bonnie S. Learn 
A. ). Leavengood 
long H. Lee 
Paul A. Lees 

Robert E. Lees 
Deborah L. Lefchik 
Kathleen F. Lefchik 
Toni L. Lehman 
Theresa A. Lelinski 

Arleen C. Leslie 
Randy D. Leslie 
Mary L. Letizia 
Paul E. Letso 
Stephen P. Liadis 

Susan C. Liggetti 
Larry L. Light 
Nancy E. Lindquist 
Deborah E. Link 
Mary E. Link 



Vivian A. lipp 
Thomas W. Lippencott 
Colleen A. Lissy 
Thomas W. Listwak 
Amy E. Lloyd 

Donnie C. Lloyd 
(ill L. Lockhart 
Deborah ). Locke 
Daryl A. Lombardi 
Beverly J. Long 

Natalie Long 
Sheila D. Long 
Patricia A. Longenecker 
Gail E. Lopes 
Christine F. Lorah 

Diann Lowery 
Anthony j. Lucas 
Paula L. Lucas 
Guy D. Lucci III 
Elizabeth A. Lucko 

Mary A. Lukentich 
Lois A. Luksis 
loanna |. Luncher 
Christine Lupes 
Mark F. Lynch 



Mildred M. Lynch 

Raymond Maddigan 

Cynthia L. Magnuson 

Rosann A. Malone 

Anthony G. Marsile 

Patricia A. Lytle 

Susan M. Mader 

Darlene A. Malecki 

Rosalind M. Manfredi 

Bernadette Marso 

Linda S. Maccagnan 

Susan M. Magie 

Betty A. Maleski 

James M. Manno 

Anna K. Martin 

Robert N. Mackey 

leanna M. Magliere 

Joseph A. Malkley 

Patricia M. Markel 

Edward L. Martin 

Lynn Mackintosh 

Bruce A. Magnuson 

Barbara Mallam 

Russell W. Marr 

Nichael E. Martin 



Patricia L. Martin 

Janet M. Masi 

Diane L. Matthews 

Doris H. Maudie 

Rodney K. Mayer 

Sharon A. Martin 

Mary Rose Masserio 

Gary ). Matthews 

Robert J. Maul 

Rodney K. Mayer 

Barbara A. Martinetti 

Marianne Massucci 

Kenneth L. Matthews 

Linda A. Mauro 

loanne Mayerschoff 

Richard |. Martini 

loanne Massung 

Diane R. Matush 

Carol A. May 

Hays C. Mayo 

Frances C. Martonik 

Susan K. Matrangol 

|ohn J. Matviya 

Jonathan May 

Patrick A. Mazanek 



Dora R. McAlpin Robert J. McCauley 

David Q. McArdle Sherry L. McCauslin 

David R. McCachren Linda S. McClain 

Matilda M. McCafferty Richard L. McClain 

Lois J. McCauley Claudia A. McClelland 

Elizabeth ). McCombie Carol A. McCurdy 
George A. McCollum Karen L. McDevitt 

Ann B. McCormick 
David S. McCormick 
Reca M. McCormick 

Patricia ). McFate 
Marsha E. McGahey 
Margaret J. McDougall |ohn ). McCee 
Thomas P. McFadden Susan L. McGuirk 
William P. McFarland Donald P. McHale 



Marianna McHugh 
Hugh M. McKee 
Kevin A. McKee 
Susan McMillen 
Marian F. McPhillips 

Linda R. Meanor 
Sandra M. Mahaffey 
Mary D. Mehler 
Deborah K. Meier 
Nancy L. Melani 

Mary Ann Melcer 

Thomas | 

. Menzies 

Marcia A. Miedlar 

James M. Meldrum 

Robert L. 


Anna M. Migliozzi 

Ronald G. Mele 

Susan K. 


Ruth E. Milan 

Roberta N. Mendicino 

Diane M 

. Michler 

Diane L. Mildrew 

Pat |. Meneely 

Bonnie ). 


|an K. Mileski 



loanne E. Miller 
Susan D. Miller 
William R. Miller 
Beverly J. Mills 
Keith L. Millslagle 

Samuel I. Minder 
Janet Minster 
Christine A. Misdom 
Barry Mitchell 
Georgia A. Moden 

Mary A. Mohorich 
Dennis A. Mollura 
)udith M. Moody 
George H. Moore 
|ohn D. Moore 

Kathryn E. Moore 
Laureen E. Moore 
Mary E. Moore 
Charlotte A. Moosic 
Christine C. Moosic 

Harry W. Morgan 
Marilyn L. Morgan 
Darlene C. Morris 
Kathy A. Morrison 
William C. Morrison 


David P. Muscovic 
Christine K. Moss 
Kathryn S. Mourton 
Gloria S. Moyer 
Thomas E. Mousseau 

Mark Mraz 
Marsha Mrozek 
Susan E. Mulvihill 
Linda ]. Mudell 
Barry V. Munford 

Linda |. Munn 
Diane B. Murdock 
)ames P. Murphy 
Janet R. Murtha 
Laura E. Musmanno 

Denise Myers 
M. B. Myers 
Vicki E. Myers 
Elizabeth A. Naccarato 
Diane L. Naketny 

James A. Nania 
Betsy J. Nash 
Robert N. Nathan 
Carolyn E. Neeper 




Barry M. Neff 
Thomas J. Neigoot 
John W. Nelson 
Linda L. Newcomer 
Earl |. Newman 

Elaine J. Nicely 
Cheryl L. Nichol 
)ohn R. Nickleach 
Lynn K. Nicola 
Judy A. Norton 

Terry L. Novalis 
Nora J. Nucera 
Frances C. Nugent 
Suzanna Nussbaumer 
Mary A. Nuttall 

Barbara A. Nypaver 
Gloria J. Obarsky 
Robert M. O'Dell 
Diane C. O'Donnell 
Kathleen A. Odrey 

Victoria L. Oliver 
Edmund L. Olszewski 
Susan ). Omaha 
Elaine O'Neill 
Lee Ann Orange 



Sandra K. Orn 
Stanley O. Orndorf 
Connie L. Orosz 
Mary C. O'Toole 
Diane M. Padovese 

Janet L. Pagnanelli 
Deborah L. Pakler 
Susan O. Panchik 
Michael |. Papke 
Raymond ). Parenti 

Carl G. Parise 
Deborah A. Parker 
Darla G. Parson 
Susan M. Pasquino 
Catherine A. Patterson 

Mary J. Patti 
Katherine M. Pattison 
Barbara A. Parton 
Daniel ). Paull 
Ann J. Peav 

leannine C. Peck 
Gwen Peirson 
Nancy A. Pepple 
Deborah M. Petak 
Charles L. Peterman 



ludith L. Peterson 
Sue A. Peterson 
Richard O'Petricig 
Mary A. 

Barbara K. Phillips 

John C. Phillips 
Pamela G. Phillips 
lane A. Piccirilla 
Concetta D. Pierce 
lames J. Pileggi 

Geraldine M. Pillar 
Enrichetta Pirozzi 
Lawrence E. Pistner 
George G. Pisula 
Deborah |. Planagan 

David Plance 
Patricia S. Plance 
Frances A. Pochiber 
Pamela A. Polk 
Robert J. Pooley 

Pat E. Popielski 
Deborah L. Porter 
loan M. Prebish 
Michele P. Previte 
Beverly A. Pribicko 




Joya H. Prospero 
William H. Puff 
Rosemary A. Pusateri 
Lucy J. Pusateri 
Donna M. Pustulak 

Gayle S. Pyle 
Yvonne Quarella 
Wendy L. Quillen 
Mary B. Quinn 
Nancy E. Radecki 

Brenda K. Radek 
Judith L. Radle 
Carole Radwanowski 
Pamela L. Rahn 
Valerie J. Ramsdale 

Donna ). Rape 
David C Rawlings 
Judith A. Raymont 
Carol A. Rearick 
Debra M. Redic 

Karen E. Reed 
Barbara J. Reedy 
Susan D. Reef 
Mary L. Rees 
Kerry P. Reese 



Denise A. Reilz 
Gail I. Reitz 
Jeanna L. Rensberger 
Rita M. Restive 
Deidre A. Reynolds 

Margaret A. Rhen 
Judith L. Rhodes 
William L. Ridenour 
Carol ). Ricketts 
Rebecca G. Ricketts 

Patrick C. Riley 
Susan K. Rimoldi 
Debra S. Ringer 
Cheryl A. Robbins 
Karen E. Robinson 

Marilyn ). Roble 
Marilyn R. Rodgers 
Donna M. Roos 
Dan B. Roenigk 
Kathleen M. Roman 

Marsha A. Roman 
Tamara |. Rombold 
Mary C. Romigh 
Marianna E. Rose 
Penny L. Rose 



Denise L. Roser 

Maureen K. Rowles 

Norma J. Rupert 

Dolores M. Rymiak 

Susan K. Sandbach 

Carol |. Ross 

Judith A. Rubino 

Sheila M. Rusch 

Faith A. Saftner 

Barbara A. Sanders 

lanis K. Ross 

Vicki L. Ruddock 

Janice A. Rybar 

Janet L. Salley 

Damian D. Sanzone 




Thomas C. Sapovits 
Ramona C. Savocchia 
Gail M. Schoff 
Sandra A. Schlater 
Robert C. Schmelyer 

Sondra L. Schmuck 
Carl N. Schneider 
Frank P. Schneider 
Margaret M. Schneider 
Paul D. Schoeller 

Donna M. Schoffler 
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loan M. Schwetz 
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Barbara ). Scott 

Mark L. Scurci 
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|ohn A. Setavage 




Mary A. Settle 
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Bruce D. Stewart 


• &.■■ 


m 9 

4&r ■ m 



W J 



Geralyn A. Stewart 

Francis ). Stone 

|ohn F. Strittmatter 

Marlene M. Susini 

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lorenee Tackett 


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Cathy S. Zink 

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Christina M. Zartman 

Stephanie C. Zepka 

Suzanne Zloch 



Kathryn A. Zoltani 
Michael ). Zugay 
Lorraine A. Zustinas 
Wayne F Zywiec 



- - • 


* * * ■ 




, ; " v; '' 





The Sicilian Puppets 





As You Like It 

mt ■ 






IheZty Bt/ftnan Production at 



Adapted a-vi D.rectsd ky PAUL SILLS 

So*ys by bob DyiArt, eeoRoe Harrisom, 


.;*,• ' r '•?>, • 





Eleo Pomare Dance Company 




The Birds 

Jacques Loussier Trio 






KJfc *C\ 

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K - ^-29s 

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• .■ :' ; ''■:■■■ ■■ 

■ •■■"■--■■ -V. ■'• 

■ : --:'v;-- - ■■:' 

;••"■ '••'■■ : ' ■■'■•■' - 


■if SsESjgi 


A Profile of College Life 

Tommy Goes To College 

See Tommy. Tommy is going to college. He wants to learn. He is accepted at 
I.U.P. He is very excited. Poor Tommy. Wait until he finds out what I.U.P. is really 

Look at Tommy. He is at I.U.P. for orientation. The weather is bad. It is raining. 
It is always raining in Indiana. Tommy's mother and father eat with Tommy in the 
cafeteria. They say the food is not bad. Slater really fooled them. They only serve 
good food on orientation days just to impress all the parents. Bad, bad Slater. 

The big day finally comes. Tommy has his suitcase packed and his parents drive 
him to I.U.P. Tommy is surprised. It is not raining today. In fact, it is 90°. Poor, 
poor Tommy. He will soon realize that this is the closest he will come to hell be- 
fore the real thing. His mother fixes his room very pretty. What a nice mother. 
After his parents leave, Tommy finishes moving in. He pulls out some posters 
from the bottom of his suitcase and puts them on the wall by his desk. Naughty 
Tommy. Don't you think those girls should have some clothes on? 

Tommy meets his roommate. He is bewildered. His roommate's hair is longer 
than his girlfriend's back home. He also smells funny and keeps hiding things in 
his drawers under his underwear. Tommy does not understand this up- 
perclassman. Maybe he will ask his hall counselor. 

Tommy grabs his yellow slip. He runs to the fieldhouse. Tcmmy huffs and puffs. 
He never knew that Oakland was so far from campus. Tommy goes through 
arena scheduling. Now he finds out what hell is really like. Tommy is sweating. 
Boy, is it hot. Tommy gets disgusted. He puts down many, many numbers. Let's 
hope they are the right ones. Tommy goes through the line many times. The girl at 
the terminal keeps telling him that he forgot to schedule a Bio I lab. Tommy 
scratches out Bio lecture and gets through. He didn't want to take Bio anyway. 

Tommy wakes up early for his first day of classes. Somehow he scheduled five 
eight o'clocks. Dumb, dumb Tommy. Tommy feels weird. Everyone is wearing 
jeans and thongs. He is mad at his mother. All she packed was perma-prest shirts 
and double-knit slacks. #$%&**#'?%!!?! Tommy is now on the road to learning 
the essential language of college. 

Gee whiz! It is Friday already. Tommy hears about a new fun thing. It is called a 
"happy hour". Tommy and his friends go out. They go to many houses. All of 
them have weird Greek letters on them. Tommy spends a little money. Tommy 
does not know how he got so messed up on so little beer. His counselor tells him 
his tolerance level is very low. Drunk Tommy. Next time he will drink more. 
Maybe he will not get sick if he raises his tolerance level. 

There is more fun in sight. Tommy goes to the great I.U.P. institution— the union 
dance. Tommy soon forgets his girl back home. He learns many original phrases 
to use to pick up a "chick" and take her to his room to see his stereo system. It 
does not matter that Tommy does not have a stereo-Tommy learns new things 
every day. 

The semester goes very, very fast. Tommy decides to go through fraternity rush. 
Tommy should think twice. He is already on probation. He goes to smokers every 
night. His tolerance level is now higher but Tommy still gets drunk. Oh, well, even 
though he did not pledge, he got a lot of free beer. 

Tommy bids for a room in the spring. Listen to Tommy. My, my, such bad 
words. Why does Tommy say bad words? Tommy is stuck in Oakland again for 
next year. 

Arena scheduling is again upon Tommy. He finds out that he is at the bottom of 
the list. Tommy is worse off now than he was last year. He knows what to do but 
it doesn't do him any good. All his courses are closed. Well, maybe next year . . . 
Tommy is not used to Slater food since he ate so well during the summer. Sick 
and hungry Tommy. He feels like he has Ptomaine poisoning. Tommy spends 
much money on food. How else can he stay alive? 

Tommy gets his semester calendar. Look at all the events. Many, many events. 
Too bad half of them will be cancelled. 

Tommy meets a nice girl at a happy hour. He wants to take her out but there is 
nowhere to go. Tommy gets an idea. He takes her to his room to play games. And 
he didn't even have to mention a stereo this time. 

Time goes fast. Tommy is a junior already. He is behind six credits in his major. 
What is his major, anyway? It doesn't matter, there are no jobs available. 
Tommy's friends are fewer this year. He feels bad. Sad Tommy. They got NPR 
slips during the summer. 

Tommy is now living in an apartment. His mother and father want to come and 
visit him. Tommy frowns. He does not think that it is such a good idea. Tommy 
got to know the people of Indiana better this year. He has one for his landlord. 
Look at Tommy's pocket. It is empty. Now he knows what he will do when he 
graduates. He will buy a junky house. Then he will rent it out to suckers like 

Graduation day is here. Tommy has learned much in four years. But none of it is 
relevant to his major. See the pretty ceremony. All the professors have funny 
black gowns on. Tommy's mother is crying. She is so proud of Tommy. Tommy's 
father slaps him on the back and says "Congratulations." Tommy almost falls 
over. He had gone to too many senior parties the night before. A funny thing hap- 
pens. Tommy does not get a diploma. He is told that he must go to pre and main 
sessions to graduate. His credits did not all transfer when he changed majors. Bad 
advisor. He did not tell Tommy this before. Tommy won't mind too much. There 
will be ABC's on campus. Tommy prefers freshman girls because they they learn 
to play games easily. 

Tommy finally graduates. Boy, those four years went faster than he thought. He 
realizes that he was really secure at I.U.P. What a dumb thought. Tommy goes to 
find a job and discovers it wasn't such a dumb thought after all. Maybe he should 
go back and get a slip that says "Master" on it. Then maybe he will feel secure in 
the world. 

Look at Tommy. He is at I.U.P. for grad school. The weather is bad. It is raining. 
It is always raining in Indiana 

By Sharon Usnick 


Here among my friends in South Dakota, where this campaign began almost 22 months ago, we now bring it to 
an end tonight. And I have just sent the following telegram to President Nixon: 

"Congratulations on your victory. I hope that in the next four years you will lead us to a time of peace abroad 
and justice at home. You have my full support in such efforts. With best wishes to you and your gracious wife, Pat. 
Sincerely, George McCovem." 

The first presidential concession that I remember hearing was that of Adlai Stevenson in 1952. He recalled the 
old Lincoln story of the boy who had stubbed his toe in the dark, and when the lad was asked how it felt, he 
replied: "Well, it hurts too much to laugh, but I'm too old to cry." 

It does hurt all of us in this auditorium and many others across the country to lose. But we're not going to shed 
any tears tonight about the great joys that this campaign has brought to us over the past two years. All of the 
satisfaction and joy that we have found in these past 22 months are not going to be washed away with the tears 
and regrets of one night. 

We have found the greatest outpouring of energy and love that any political effort has ever inspired, at least in 
my lifetime. Eleanor and I and our family, along with Sargent and Eunice Shriver, will never forget the people of this 
campaign. We will never forget those that we have seen in countless meeting places all across this country, those 
we knew about on the telephone and on their feet who have worked so hard, so terribly hard, for all these many, 
many long months. 

The poet Yeats said something that I quoted the night of the Massachusetts primary-and it looks like Massachu- 
setts is coming through again tonight. Yeats said: "Count where man's glory most begins and ends and say, 'My 
glory was I had such friends.' " And that's the way I feel tonight. 

Now the Presidency belongs to someone else. But the glory of these devoted working friends and their dedica- 
tion to the noble ideals of this country sustains us now and it will sustain our country. We will shed no tears, 
because all of this effort I am positive will bear fruit for years to come. 

So I ask all of you tonight to stand with your convictions. I ask you not to despair of the political process of this 
country, because that process has yielded too much valuable improvement in these past two years. The Demo- 
cratic Party will be a better barty because of the reforms that we have carried out. The nation will be better be- 
cause we never once gave up the long battle to renew its oldest ideals and to redirect its current energies along 
more humane and hopeful paths. 

So let us play the proper role of the loyal opposition, and let us play it in those familiar words from Isaiah that I 
have quoted so frequently: "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with 
wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint." 

God bless you, and good night. 




I regard this not merely as a personal or as a partisan victory, but rather as a reaffirmation of some very basic 
American values and beliefs— including the great bipartisan traditions of maintaining a strong defense and meeting 
our responsibilities in the world, as a means of building and maintaining the peace. 

I said during the campaign that this election would represent not just a rearranging of the old coalitions of sepa- 
rate-interest blocs, but the forging of a New American Majority based on shared beliefs and shared principles. The 
results have borne this out. 

One of the most important results of the election will be the signal it sends to the leaders of other nations 
around the world: a signal that the people of the United States stand behind the President as he negotiates for a 
structure of peace that will last. 

I was particularly gratified by the support for our efforts to conclude a peace with honor in Vietnam. This sup- 
port will help us achieve that goal. 

As President Eisenhower used to remark, four years is not time enough for a President to complete his tasks. He 
needs a second term to follow through on the beginnings made in his first term. 

I intend to carry through on those beginnings. 

In the heat of a political campaign, frictions are enevitable. But part of our American tradition is that when the 
election is over, we again close ranks to move forward together. I tried to conduct this campaign in a way that 
would not divide America, and I now look forward to working with those who opposed us as well as with those 
who supported us in the cause of peace abroad and progress and prosperity at home. 


Reprinted with permission from National Lampoon 








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ft fa 

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V, J*,/ ^ 



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i-:^; K : - 




M ■ ^^ (*- 









1 1 


350-355 . 
356-359 . 
360-363 . 
364-368 . 

369-372 . 
373-375 . 
376-377 . 

379 ... 












■•*■'■' -' I 


• .j* 

1%. - \ K 

. . ... 












■■' • • 

I ** 























*wL ..i\ 










r ^-fifB BSE 1 


■ 1 ; I^JfJS 

•*< • J* "• 

""" r 

-■■ ■--■— *■ 

1 ^ 




WILLIAM W. HASSLER. Professor President 

B.S., Juniata College; M.S., Ph.D.. University of Pennsylvania 

WYNN A. ABRANOVIC, Associate Professor Business Management 

B.E.E., M.S., Ph.D.. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst. 

BARBARA ANN AIERSTOCK, Associate Professor Women's Phys. Ed. 

A.B., Gettysburg College; M.Ed., Temple University: Ert.D., Temple Univer 


ROBERT K. ALICO, Associate Professor Biology 

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., St. Bonaventure University. New York 

EDWARD L. ANDERSON, Professor English 

B.S.. M.A., University of Michigan. Ph.D., New York University 

RUTH ANDERSON, Associate Professor Home Economics 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed., Pennsylvania State Univer 


MAMIE L. ANDERZHON. Associate Professor Geography 

Ph B., M.S., University of Chicago 
JOSEPH S ANGELO. Professor Mathematics 

B.S. M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., University of Pitts- 

ANTHONY A. ANGELONI, Professor, Chairman, Department of Educational 

B.Ed., Duquesne University; M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh; D.Ed., Penn 
sylvania State University 

IDA Z. ARMS, Associate Piotessor Mathematics 

B.S. in Ed., Shippensburg State College, M.S.. University of Illinois, M.Ed.. 
Duke University 

ROGER W. AXFORD, Professor Dean, School of Continuing Education 

B.A., Nebraska Wesleyan University, M.A., Ph.D.. University of Chicago 
TIBOR BACHMANN, Associate Professor Music 

Diploma, Franc Liszt State Royal Music Academy, Budapest. Hungary, 
D.Mu., Combs College of Music. Ph.ladelphia. Pennsylvania 
MARIE K BAHN, Assistan ^ c lessor Special Education 

B.S., Shippensburg State College; M.Ed.. Western Maryland College 
WILLIAM M. BAHN. Associate Professor Educational Psychology 

B S . Shippensburg State College, M.Ed., Western Maryland College. Ed.D., 
Wtst Virginia University 
FRANK T. BAKER. Assistant Professor Biology 

B.S., Allegheny College. M.A.. Trenton State College 
RONALD L. BAKER. Professor Elementary Education 

A.B., Lebanon Valley College; M.Ed., D.Ed., Pennsylvania State University 
DCNALDJ. BALLAS. Professor Geography 

B.S. in Ed., Clarion State College, M.A., University of Pittsburgh. Ph.D., 
University of Nebraska 
BARBARA J. BALSIGER. Associate Professor Art 

B.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.A., State University of Iowa, 
Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh 

DENNIS BARTHA, Associate Professor Elementary Education 

B.S., M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 

NANCY R BARTHELEMY, Assistant Professor Women's Physical Ed. 

B.S., Sargent College, Boston, M.S. University of Wisconsin 
FRANK F. BASILE, Associate Professor Geography 

B.S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
CHARLES BATTAGLINI, Instructor University School 

B.S., M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
LEE ROY H. BEAUMONT. JR., Professor Business Education 

B.S , Bloomsburg State College. M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh 
MARGARET L BECK, Associate Professor English 

A.B., Goucher College; A.M., University of Pennsylvania 
WILLI AM R. BECKER. Professor Music 

B A.. M.A., State College of Iowa, Ph.D., University of Iowa 
PATRICIA A. BELL, Associate Professor Home Economics 

B.S., State University of New York; M Ed.. Penn State University 
HERBERT A. BENTON. Instructor Sociology Anthropology 

B.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.A., University of Pittsburgh 
PAUL BEN ZVI, Associate Professor Art 

B.F A . Pratt Institute, NY.BS., State University College. M A., M.F. A., 
University of Iowa 

LAWRENCE BERGMAN, Associate Professor Executive Director of 

University Foundation 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.Ed.. Pennsylvania State Univer 
ROBERT BERNAT, Associate Professor Music 

B.F. A., Carnegie Institute of Technology; M.F. A., Brandeis University 
RICHARD E. BERRY, Professor Chairman, Department of Physics 

B.S., Lafayette, M.S., Ph.D., Princeton 
BETTY I. BERTHY, Assistant Professor Home Economics 

A.B., Marshall University, M.S., West Virginia University 
CHARLES H BERTNESS. Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S., Moorhead State College, M.A., University of Florida, Ph. D., Univer 
sity of I llinois 
MARIO J. BETTA, Instructor Business & Distributive Education 

B.S., Shippensburg State College 


WILLIAM W BETTS. JR Professor English 

A B Dickinson College. A M . Ph D . Pennsylvania State University 
GARY J. BIRD. Instructor Music 

B ME .. Wisconsin State University, MM, North Texas State University 
PATRICIA L BLACK, Assistant Professor Nursing 

B.S . University of Pittsburgh. M.Ed.. Duquesne University 
WILLIAM A BLACKSMITH. III. Instructor Men's Physical Education 

B.S . Lock Haven State College. M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
JOSEPH BOGAN. JR.. Assistant Professor Criminology 

B.S . California State College. M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 
DANIEL N BOONE, Assistant Professor Philosophy 

B.A, M.A, Claremont Men's College, Ph D , Claremont Graduate School 
CARLW BORDAS. Professor Chemistry 

B S, M.Ed.. D Ed. Pennsylvania State University 

NELSON H BORMANN. Associate Professor Special Education 

B S . Southwest Texas State College, M A , Western Michigan University 
DAVID T BORST. Assistant Professor Music 

B.S, Fredonia State Teachers College, M.Ed . University of Buffalo 
ELEANOR J BOYER, Assistant Professor English 

B S, Clarion State College M.Ed , Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
WALLIS D BRAMAN. Professor Music 

B.S.M.. Baldwin Wallace College. MM, Ph D , Un.versity of Rochester 
DAVID BREYER, Instructor Business Management 

B.S, MB. A.. Pennsylvania State University 
JESSIE BRIGHT. Instructor English 

B.A . MA, University of Rochester 
LORRIE J BRIGHT Associate Professor English 

A.B.. Kenyon College. M.A,. University of Rochester 
DAVID R BROCKLEBANK. Associate Professor Physics 

B.S, Drexel University. M.S.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
KENNETH W 8RODE, Professor Chairman. Foreign Languages 

A B . M.A , Kent State University. Ph.D.. University o* Pittsburgh 
JOHN BROUGHTON III. Associate Professor Mathematics 

BS, North Carolina State University. MA. East Carolina University, 
D Ed . Oklahoma State University 

PHILIP M BROWN. Instructor Psychology 

A B . Gnnneil College 
MORRISON BROWN. Professor English 

B.S., Shippensburg State College. A M . University of Pennsylvania Ph.D., 
Pennsylvania State University 

RUTH ANNA W BROWN I NG . Instructor 

B.A . Eariharn College, MA . Indiana University 
MAUDE O BRUNGARD. Professor Special Education 

B.S, Lock Haven State College, M Ed, Ed.D, Pennsylvania State Univer 
GARY L BUCKWALTER. Professor Physics 

8.S, Pennsylvania State University, MS. PhD, Catholic University of 
GERALD M BURIOK. Associate Professor Mathematics 

B S , Indiana State College. M.A, Penn State 
RONALD I BURNER. Assistant Professor Business Management 

B.S., Duguesne University. M.BA., West Virginia University 
SANDRA L BURWELL. Assistant Professor Art 

B.S , M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University ^ 

JOHN F BUSOVICKI. Assistant Professor Mathematics 

B S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M S . Notre Dame 

MARGARET O CALDWELL, Assistant Professor English 

A B-, Grove City College, M.Ed.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
THOMAS CAMPISANO, Instructor Health and Physical Education 

BA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
CATHERINE C CARL. Associate Professor Music 

Mus B . Oberhn Conservatory, AM. Indiana University 
PATRICK A. CARONE, Professor Political Science 

A.B, MA, West Virginia University, Ph D , Duke University 
JOSE N CARRANZA, Assistant Professor Foreign Languages 

BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M A , University of Pittsburgh 
BRUCE D CARTWRIGHT. Associate Professor Psychology 

A.B, Waynesburg College, A.M., West Virginia University 
CHARLES D CASHDOLLAR. Assistant Professor History 

BS , Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.A , Ph D., University of Penn 
JAMES F CAWLEY, Assistant Professor Business Management 

BS, St Vincent College, MB A . Duquesne University, C P. A 
VINCE CELTNIEKS, Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.A, American University, M.S., University of Montana 
MARY ANN CESSNA. Instructor Home Economics 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
CHRISTINA A CHA, Associate Professor Music 

B.A, Ewha University, Seoul, Korea. B.M, Illinois Wesleyan University, 
Bloommgton. MS M , Union Theological Seminary. New York 
RICHARD R CHAMBERLIN. Associate Professor Library 

B.A, Northeastern University, M.A, Michigan State University, MA, 
University of Denver 
JACK CHAMBERS. Associate Pr ofessor Geography 

B.S. MS. University of Chicago, PhD , University of Bristol 
BENJAMIN C CHAN. Associate Professor Philosophy 

B.A, Th.B, St. Paul Bible College. B.D , Eastern Baptist Seminary, MA , 
University of Washington, Ph.D.. Temple University 
WILLIAM D CHAPMAN. Assistant Professor Special Education 

B S . MS, West Virginia University 
MICHAEL R CHARNEGO, Instructor Biology 

B.S, M.Ed , Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
EDWARD CHASZAR, Associate Prof essor Political Science 

B.A, M.A, Western Reserve University. L L B , Peter Pazmany University, 
Budapest. Hungary 
JOHN CHELLMAN. Professor Dean, School of Health Services 

B.S, Slippery Rock State College, Ed M, University of Pittsburgh. Ed.D, 
George Peabody College for Teachers 
NICHOLAS CHRISTODOLEAUS, Associate Professor Chemistry 

B.S, Athens University, Greece. Ph.D., Louisiana State University 
DON CHEAN CHU, Professor Chairman. Dept. of Foundations of Education 

A.B , National Central University, China. Ed M . University of Maryland, 
Ed D, Columbia University 
SHOW CHIH RAI CHU, Assistant Professor Foreign Languages 

B.A, National Central University, China, MA, Bob Jones University 
ALICE CLAY. Instructor Art 

B A . Mount Mercy College 
VAUGHN CLAY. Assistant Professor Art 

B.A, Westminster College, M.Ed, University of Pittsburgh 
STANLEY COHEN, Associate Professor Criminology 

B.A . University of Cincinnati. J D, Salmon P Chase. College of Law 
EDWARD G COLEMAN, Associate Professor Chemistry 

BS, Wisconsin State College, MS, University of Wisconsin, MS, Carnegie 
Institute of Technology 


CARL D DAVIS. Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

8 A , Tark.o College. Missouri. M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
CHARLES A DAVIS. Professor Mus.c 

B.S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.A., New York University 
CLARABEL T r»A V'S, Assistant Professor University School 

B S , I . :/ ot Pennsylvania; M.A., New York University 

JOHN A DAVIS. Associate Professor English 

B A.. Lehigh University MA , University of Pennsylvania 
WAYNE J DAVIS. Professor Economics 

A.B.. Dickinson College. Ph D . Rutgers University 
MALCOLM M. DAY, Associate Professor English 

B.A . MA , University of Florida Ph.D., Western Reserve University 
RUTH DE CESARE, Associate Professor Mus.c 

A B , Hunter College. MS, Queens College 
.EONARD 8. DEFABO, Associate Professor Educational Psychology 

A.B., St Mary Seminary and University. M.Ed , Duquesne University 
ANTHONY G. DEFURIO. Assistant Professor Art 

B.S . Ecfmboro State College, M.Ed.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
JAMES M DeGEORGE. Associate Professor English 

B.A , St Thomas University, MA. Ph D , Tulane University 
CAROLYN I. DEISHER, Assistant Professor Mathematics 

B.S-. Kutztown State College. M.A . Pennsylvania State University 
DANIEL DICICCO, Associate Professor Music 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.M., University of Michigan 
ALICE D. DICKIE. Instructor Health and Physical Education 

B.S., Slippery Rock State College 
WILLIAM E. DIETRICH, JR., Assistant Professor Biology 

B.A., LaSalle. Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 
GEORGE R DtNSMORE, Assistant Professor Assistant Director 

B.S , A.M., University of Illinois of Admissions 

HAROLD A DOCK. Associate Professor Director of Professional Laboratory 

B.S.. M.Ed., Bowling Green State University, Ph.D., University of Ten 
ROBERT H DOERR, Assoc Professor Director, Armstrong Branch Campus 

B.S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed . Pennsylvania State Uni 
THOMAS J DONGILLA. Assistant Professor Art 

B S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M.Ed., Pennsylvania State Uni 
ALBERTA R DORSEY. Associate Professor Elementary Education 

B.S.. California State College. M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
OWEN J DOUGHERTY, Associate Professor Housing Director 

B.S.. M.Ed.. Pennsylvania State University 
JANICE CLAIRE DRACKLEY, Instructor Foreign Languages 

B.S., Illinois State University, M.S.. University of Illinois 
VICTOR S. DRESCHER. Instructor Foreign Languages 

B.S.Ed., Slippery Rock State College, M.A., Middlebury College 
JOHN J. OROPCHO, Assistant Professor Art 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed.. Pennsylvania State Uni 
DONALD D. DUNCAN, Assistant Professor Mathematics. 

B.S.. Slippery Rock College, M Litt . University of Pittsburgh, MA , Penn 
sylvania State University 

B.M . Bethany College. Lmdsborg, Kansas. Mus M., Northwestern Uni 

FRANK T COMO, Professor 

BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania MA.. Univers •, 
Ph.D., Arizona State University 

B S , Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
CAROL E CONNELL. Assistant Professor 

A B , Penn State. M. LS , University of Pittsburgh 
THOMAS E. CONWAY, Associate Professor B-oiogy 

B S , University of Pittsburgh. M.ScT . Union College Ed D l\. 
DAVID M COOK. Professor English 

B A . B.S .MA, Ph.D.. Ohio State University 
CHARLES L COOPER. Professor Chairman, Dept. of Business Management 

B.S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Ed M , Ed D., University of Pitts 

EDITH M. CORD. Assistant Professor Foreign Languages 

Baccalaureat, Toulouse, France licence es Lettres. University of Toulouse 
STEVEN CORD. Professor History 

B.B A.. City College of New York. MA, Ed D . Teachers College. Coium 
bia University 
JOSEPH J COSTA. Associate Professor Chemistry 

B.A , St Vincent College, M Ed. University of Pittsburgh 
HARRY CRAIG. Professor English 

B.A . Geneva College. MA, Ph.D.. University of Pittsburgh 
WILLA RUTH CRAMER. Assistant Professor Home Economics 

B S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania M S . Pennsylvania State Uni 
ROBERT J CRONAUER. Associate Professor Art 

B.S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M A . Columbia University 
BLAINE C. CROOKS. Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.A.. Pennsylvania State University. Ed M Harvard 
JOHN W. CROSS. Assistant Professor Economics 

B.A . Merrimack College. M.Ed.. Fitchburg State College M A , University 
of Massachusetts 
WALLACE R CROUP. Assistant Professor Criminology 

B S . M S . Florida State University 
ELIZABETH W CROZIER, Assistant Professor Political & 

B A . Wheaton College. M.A , Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

THOMAS P CUNNINGHAM, Associate Professor Assistant Director, 

Computer Center 

B S , M S , Carnegie Mellon University 
BOB J CUREY, Professor English 

B.A., Hillsdale College. MA. University of Michigan. Ph D-, Wayne State 

WILLIAM E CUTLER. Associate Professor Educational Psychology 

B S , Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed.. Pennsylvania State Univer 

FRED DAKAK. Professor Director of Admissions 

B.S . M.S., Ph.D.. Southern l.linois University 
S. JANE DAKAK, Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S , M.Ed . University of North Carolina at Greensboro 
ARLO DEAN DAVIS. Assistant Professor Mathematics 

B.A., William Penn College. MA, Western Michigan University Ed S , 
Kalamazoo Ph D , University of Colorado 
BETTY DAVIS, Associate Professor Elementary Education 

BS., West Chester State College M.Ed . D.Ed . Pennsylvania State Uni 


JERRY K EDDY Associate Professor Physics 

B A West Liberty State College, M S . Ph D . West Virginia University 
KENNETH F E DG A R , Professor Psychology 

B A . Pennsylvania State University. M A . Ph D . University of Pittsburgh 
CARLEEN C EDISON. Instructor Nursing Education 

B.S.N, Duquesne University 

DONALD G EISEN. Associate Professor English 

A B , Adelbert College. Western Reserve. MA. Western Reserve University 

ANN T ELLIOTT. Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

B S Russell Sage College, A B , Berea College. M A., New York University 

MARY LOUISE ELTZ. Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S., M Ed . East Stroudsburg State College 
ROBERT W. ENSLEY, Associate Professor English 

A B . Ohio Wesleyan University, A M . Columbia University 
MARTHA L FABIAN. Instructor Nursing Education 

B S N . Simmons College. Boston 
ALFONZO FANELLA. Instructor Health and Physical Education 

B S Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Ivl Ed . University of Pittsburgh 
CHARLES W FAUST Professor Chairman, Dept of Foreign Languages 

B A . Indiana State Teachers College. Ter.e Haute. M A . Middlebury 
JOHN M FELICE. Assistant Professor Director Employee Relations 

B S University of Pittsburgh. M S . University of Illinois 
GENE A FELIX. Assistant Professor Speech and Hearing 

B A.. St Francis College; M S . Pennsylvania State University 
RONALD T FERGUSON. Associate Professor History 

BA. State University of New York (Albany); MA. Pennsylvania State 
University, Ph D , University of Minnesota 

B S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 
VINCENT J FERRARA. Associate Professor 

B A . Cathedral College. MA . St. Johns 
GARY M FERRENCE. Associate Professor 

B S Kutztown State College, M AT . Ed D . Indiana Un.versn 

JERRY FIDDLER. Assistant Professor Director of Reading D.nic 

B.S., Clarion State College. Ed M . State University of New York 

ROBERT J FIRENZE. Associate Professor Chairman, Safety Sciences 


B.S.. MS. New York University 

FERN AND FISEL. Associate Professor Foreign Languages 

B A . Atlantic Union College, MA.. Andrews University 

MARSHALL G F LAMM. Associate Professor Speech and Hearing Clinic 

Special Education 

A B . University of Pennsylvania, A M . Temple University 
LIDA T FLEMING. Assistant Professor University School 

B.S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Ed M . Pennsylvania State 
BETH ANN FOLEY. Instructor English 

B A.. Westminister College. MA . University of Connecticut 
WILLIAM R FORBES, Assistant Professor Biology 

B.A.. Indiana Central College. MA . Ph.D.. Indiana University, Indiana 
WILLIAM M, FORCE, Associate Professor English 

A B , MA.. Colgate University 

Chairman. Home Economics 
MA, Ed D . New York Un, 

Ph D , Fordham 


OLIVE M FORNEAR, Assistant Professor Music 

BS . Indiana University of Pennsylvania. MM. West Virginia University 
JOHN M, FOX. Associate Professor Physics 

B.S.. LeMoyne College. M S . University of Amenca, Ph D . Wesleyan 
JOHN E FRANK, Associate Professor Assistant Dean ot Men 

B S Ed . Indiana Univers.-v of Pennsylvania M.S.Ed., Westminster College 
HELGA P FREUND. Assistant i"-ofessor Art 

B F A . Rhode Island School of design, M Ed.. Columbia University 
JOHN R FREUND. Professor English 

A B Miami University. A M . Miami University. Ph O , Indiana University 
ERNEST B. FRICKE. Associate Professor History 

A B . Muhlenburg College. MA . Lehigh University 
NANCY C. FRICKE. Instructor Library 

B.S . Millersville State College MLS., Columbia University 
RICHARD M FRIED, Associate Professor 

B A . Amherst College, MA. Columbia University 
WERNER J FRIES. Professor 

BS. MA . Ph D., Johns Hopkins University 
DONALD P. FRITZ. JR . Assistant Professor 

B.S.. M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

EDWIN J FRY. Instructor 

B M., MM. DePaul University 


Foreign Languages 




STEPHEN M F RY. Associate Professor 

B A University of California. M A . Claremont Graduate School. M S L.S . 
University of Southern California 

CHARLES R FUGET. Professor Director of Natural Sciences and 


B S Geneva College. M S . Ph D , Pennsylvania State University 
SAMUEL F FURGIUELE. Professor Director. Public Relations 

BS Indiana University of Pennsylvania M Litt . University of Pittsburgh 
NORMAN W GAGGINI. Assistant Professor Physics 

B S M S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
JOSEPH M GALLANAR. Professor Dean. Graduate School 

B A MA University of Washington. Ph D The John Hopkins University 
ELEANOR M GAL L AT I . Assistant Professor Home Economics 

BS Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M Ed . Pennsylvania State Univer 
WALTER W GALLATI, Professor Biology 

A B Drew University. M S . University of Miami (Fla I, Ph D , Ohio State 
BERNARD JAMES GANLEY. Associate Professor Assistant to the President 

B.S Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
CLARENCE A GAR V IN. Associate Professor Economics 

B A . University of Tennessee, M A , University of Chicago 
THOMAS G GAULT. Professor Chairman. Department pf Geography 

B S . Middle Tennessee State College. MA. Ed D , George Peabody College 
MARION M GE ISEL. Assistant Professor Director. Psychological Clinic 

B S , M Ed., Indiana University ot Pennsylvania 
CLYDE C. GELBACH. Professor Chairman. Department of History 

A B . M Lift . Ph D . University of Pittsburgh 
VIRGINIA GOULD GERALD. Associate Professor Sociology Anthropology 
B A University ot Colorado. MA., University of Arizona 





GAIL J. GERLACH, Assistant Professor University School 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.A., Teachers College, Columbia 
f-RANK GHESSIE. JR., Assistant Professor Business Education 

B.A., M.Ed.. Pennsylvania State University 
RAYMOND 0. GIBSON, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S., Slippery Rock State College, MS., Westminster College. M.A., Um 
versity of Illinois 
BERNARD T GILLIS, Professor Academic Vice President and Provost 

B.S., Loras College. Ph D., Wayne State University 
WILLIAM L GLENN. Instructor 

B.A.. Colgate University 

RALPH M GLOTT. Professor Chairman of Elementary Education 

B.S.. California State College, M Ed., D Ed., University of Pittsburgh 
CHARLES A GODLASKY, Professor Acting Chrm., Health & Phys. Ed, 

B.S.. M.S., Ed.D., Penn State University 
IRVING GODT, Associate Professor Music 

B.A., Brooklyn College, MA, Ph.D . New York University 
LOUIS L. GOLD, Professor 

B.S., M.Ed . University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D.. Ohio State University 
WALTER GOLZ. Associate Professor 

B.S., Trenton State College, A M , Columbia University 
THOMAS D GOODRICH, Professor History 

B.A., University of California, SBC. Santa Barbara. MA, Columbia 
Teachers College, Columbia University 
DOROTHY W GOURLEY, Associate Professor English 

R Ed., M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
WALTER GRANATA. Professor Chairman of Geoscience 

B.S., Hamilton College, MA, University of Missouri, Ph.D , University of 
BROOKE V. GRANT, Assistant Professor Sociology Anthropology 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, MA , University of Pittsburgh 
JOHN GEORGE GRASSINGER, JR., Assistant Professor Library 

B S , California State College, MA , Purdue University. ML S , University 
of Pittsburgh 

JAMES L. GRAY. Professor English 

B.A., Abilene Christian College, MA., University of Texas. PhD, Duke 
WILLIAM F. GRAYBURN, Professor English 

A.B., M.A , University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D.. Pennsylvania State University 
MARSHA LEE GREAVES, Instructor Biology 

B.S.Ed., Central Missouri State College, MS , Ohio University 
WALTER S. GREAVES. Assistant Professor Biology 

B.S., State University of New York, M.S., Ohio University, Ph D , Um 
versity of Chicago 

JAMES R. GREEN Professor Director of the Humanities Division 

B.S., Lafayette College, A.M., Columbia University. Ph.D.. New York Um 
RONALD C GREEN. Associate Professor Political Science 

B.S., State University of NY at Oswego. MA , State University of NY at 
BARBARA E. GROSS, Instructor Home Economics 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
DAVID E GROVER, Associate Professor Psychology 

B.A., Gettysburg College. MA. Ph.D., University of Kentucky 
DANIEL S. GRUBB, Professor English 

B.A . Wheaton College, III.; MAT, Duke University, MA, Ph D , Um 
versity of Michigan 





CAROLYN R GRUNDY. Assistant Professor 

B.A., Grove City College, M.S.L.S.. University ol Illinois 
ANTONIO M. GUARDIOLA. Assistant Professor 

Maestro, Escuela Normal de la Habana (Cuba); Do I |ia 

versity of Habana (Cuba) 
AURORA P. GUARDIOLA. Assistant Professor Fore ; 

Maestro, Escuela Normal de la Habana (Cuba) Doctor en Pedagogia Uni 
versity of Habana (Cuba) 
S TREVOR HADLEY, Professor Dean of Student Personnel 

B.S , Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M Ed , D Ed . University of • 
HARRY W HALDEMAN, Associate Professor 

B.S., West Chester, M.A . Pennsylvania State University 

FRANK W HALL, II, Arsociate Professor Geo-- i 

B A , Franklin & Marshall. Lancaster. Pa , MS Ph.D , University of Mon 
ROBERT W HAMILTON, Assistant Professor 

B.S . M Ed , Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
ARVILLA T HARROLD, Assistant Professor 

A B , Colorado College of Education, Greeley, Colorado. M A 
School of Music 
MARY M. HART, Assistant Professor 

B.S N , M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 
RICHARD A HARTLINE, Associate Professor Chemistry 

B.S, Kutztown State College, MS., University of Arizona. PhD. Um 
versity of California 
MARLIN E. HARTMAN, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S.. Clarion State College, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 
THOMAS J HASSLER. Instructor Assistant Director of Computer Center 

B A . Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
E SAMUEL H AT F IE LD. Associate Professor History 

A.B.. A.M., West Virginia University 
JOHN J HAYS. Professor Educational Psychology 

B.A , Geneva College M.A . Stetson University Ph.D., University of North 
MALCOLM R HAYWARD III. Assistant Professor English 

B A Drew University M A , Ph D . Tulane University 
RICHARD HAZLEY, Associate Professor English 

A B , University of Pittsburgh, A.M , Columbia University 
WILLIAM I. HEARD, Associate Professor Chemistry 

B S , Pennsylvania State University, Ed.M , University of Pittsburgh 

DIANE E HEESTAND, Assistant Professor Learning Resources 

B A , Allegheny College. M.A , University of Wyoming 
RICHARD F HEIGES. Professor Chairman, Department of Political Science 

B.S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, MA.. Ph D , Ohio State Umver 
JACKSON W. HEIMER, Professor English 

A B , M A . University of Kentucky, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati 
ISABEL T. HELMRICH, Associate Professor Educational Psychology 

B.A., Westminster College; M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 
ALICE R. HELTEBRAN. Instructor Nursing Education 

B S.N., University of Pittsburgh 
WILLARD W HENNEMANN, JR., Professor Mathematics 

B S., Towson State College of Maryland MAT, PhD . Cornell University 
ISOLDE A. HENNINGER, Associate Professor Foreign Languages 

B.A . MA., Ohio State University 


Foreign Languages 

ANITA C HENRY, Assistant Professor 

B.A . M A . EmOfV University 
ROBERT M HERMANN, Professor Chairman, Department of Philosophy 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, A B , "VI A ., Ph.D., University of 

PAUL R. HICKS. Assistant Professor Library 

A.B., University of South Carolina. M A.L.S.. George Peabody College for 
ELSIE M. HILEMAN. Associate Professor Business Education 

B.S , Grove City College, M Ed., Pennsylvania Si ite University 
H. FOSTER HILL, Assistant Professor Business ind Distributive Education 

B.S , Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 
E SAMUEL HOENSTINE. Professor Director of Career Services 

B.S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.Ed., Pennsylvania State Urn 
versity, D.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
HARRY G HOLT. Associate Professor Econorrncs 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.S., Bucknell University 
OLIVE M. HOLT. Assistant Professor Nursing Education 

B S.Ed . Marion College, B.S.N Nursing, Western Reserve University, 
M.S.N., Nursing University of Pennsylvania 
JAMES D. HOOKS, Assistant Professor Library 

B.S.. Clarion State College, MLS, University of Pittsburgh 
RICHARD HORNFECK, Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S., M.S., The George Washington University 
HELEN B. HOVIS, Assistant Professor Home Economics 

8.S., Muskingham College, M Ed., Pennsylvania State University 
JOHN P. HOYT. Professor Mathematics 

B.S., Middlebury College, M.A.. Columbia University, Ph.D., George 
Washington University 
JOSEPH J. HRADNANSKY, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S. Carnegie Institute of Technology. M Ed., MS. Ph.D , University of 

LEON J. HUE. Associate Professor Biology 

B.S., M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University 
VICTOR HUESEN, Assistant Professor Foreign Languages 

Licence es lettres. St. Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon 
MARVIN HUFF, Assistant Professor Economics 

B_S., Slippery Rock State College, MA . University of Illinois 
H. EUGENE HULBERT, Associate Professor Music 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Ed.M.. Pennsylvania State Urn 

RAYMONA E HULL, Professor English 

A.B., Western Reserve University, A.M., Cornell University, Ed.D., Colum 

bia University 

JAN. G. HUMPHREYS. Associate Professor Biology 

B S . M.S.. Ohio University, Ph.D , Virginia Polytechnic Institute 

LAWRENCE A. IANNI. Professor Associate Dean of Graduate School 

B.S., Clarion State College, MA. Ph.D , Western Reserve College 
MARY E. IANNI. Assistant Professor University School 

B.S., Clarion State College. M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
JAMES M. INNES, Associate Professor Art 

B.F.A.. M.F.A.. Kansas City Art Institute 
DOMINIC J INTILI, Associate Professor Music 

Mus.B., Mus.M., Oberlin Conservatory of Music 
HERBERT EUGENE ISAR, Professor v Foreign Languages 

B.A., M.A., New York University. Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 

D ROBERT JACOBS. Associate Professor Psychology 

A B , Frankhn and Marshall College. M.S . Pennsylvania State Un.veisny 
RANDY L JESICK, Ass't. Professor Assistant Director of Public Relations 

A B , Un. versity of Pittsburgh, M S , West Vxgm.a University 
GEORGE B JOHNSON. Associate Professor Art 

B S , MA., M.F.A.. Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana 
HUGH B. JOHNSON. JR . Professor Chairman. Department of Music 

B.M. Obe'hn Conservatory of Music, MM, DME., Indiana University 
Bloomington, Indiana 
ROBERT G JOHNSON Associate Professor English 

B.S.. St. Peters College. MA, Putdue University. Ph.D., Bowling Gieen 

M KATHLEEN JONES, Professor Dean. School of Home Economics 

B.S. Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M.Ed.. Pennsylvania Stale Urn 
versity, Ph.D., Ohio State University 
JOHN F KADLUBOWSKI, Associate Professor History 

B.A , M.A . University of Maryland 
ARTHUR KANNW1SHER. Professor Philosophy 

BD. Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. BA. PhD., University of Pitts 
MARY C KAT2BECK. Assistant Professoi Nu.sing 

B S Indiana State University, M.S., Indiana University, Bloomington 
DAVID KAUFMAN, Associate Ptofesso' Libraty 

A B , MA. University of Pittsburgh, MLS . Carnegie Institute of Tech 
no logy 
WILLARD J KAYLOR, Associate Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S Wake Forest College. M A , George Peabody College for Teachers 
JOSEPH A KA2AMEK, Professor Elementaiy Education 

A.B , M Ed., Ph.D . University of Pittsburgh 
ALMA B KAZMER, Assistant Professor Home Economics 

B S , Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M Ed .. Pennsylvania State Uni 

DAVID SHANKLAND KEENE Professor Pol itical Science 

A B , Bowdoin College. A M , Pn D , Princeton University 
WILLIAM F KESSLER. Instructor Music 

B M , Duquesne University, M M , University of Cincinnati 
DEANNA J KEYTON. Assistant Professor Chemistry 

B S . Gustavus Adolphus College, Ph.D , Indiana University 
ROBERT L KING, Professor Elementary Education 

B.S . Lycoming College, M S , Bucknell University 
MERLE G KLINGINSMITH. Assistant Professor Learning Resources 

B.S , Edinboro State College, M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University 
RICHARDS KNAB, Associate Professor Music 

B.M., MM, University of Michigan 
MAY E KOHLHEPP, Assistant Professor Elementary Education 

B S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania, A.M., University of Pittsburgh 
RICHARD W KOLACZKOWSKI. Professor Chemistry 

B.S.. University of Rhode Island, Ph.D., Cornell University 
L JUNE KORAB. Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S , State University of Iowa, M.S., Indiana University, Bloomington 
BARBARA KRASZEWSKI, Instructor English 

B S , Duquesne University. M.A.. Carnegie Melton University 
RUDOLF R KRAUS, Associate Professor Sociology 

Abitur, Commercial Academy (Austria), AM, University of Chicago 
VANCE R KRITES. Assistant Professor Political Science 

B A . Kent State University, M.A.. Central Michigan University 


JOSEPH S. KRUPNIK, Instructor English 

B.S.. MA, Pennsylvania State University 
SHEHILL ANNE KUCKUCK, Assistant Professor Assistant Dean of Women 

B.A., Allegheny College, M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
JACK KUHNS, Associate Professor Elementary Education 

6.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Ed.M.. University of Pittsburgh 
GOPAL S. KULKARNI, Professor Geography 

B.S., Karnatak College, Oharwar, India; M.S., Banaras Hindu University, 
India, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh 
WILLIAM E. LAFRANCHI, Professor Library 

B.S., Clarion State College; M.S.L.S.. University of Illinois 
FRANK E. LANDIS, Associate Professor Foreign Languages 

A.B., M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh 
DALE E. LANDON. Professor History 

B.A., M.A , Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D., University of Illinois 
BETTY B. LANHAM, Associate Professor Sociology Anthropology 

B.S , M.A., University of Virginia, Ph.D., Syracuse University 
JOHN J. LANK. Associate Professor Political Science 

B.S., M.A.. University of Detroit 
EUGENE F. LAUER. Assistant Professor Philosophy 

B.A., St. Vincent College; S.T.B.. STL.. St. Mary Seminary and Univer 
stty, S.T 0., Gregorian University 

JAMES W. LAUGHLIN, Professor Associate Dean of Students 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M.Ed.. D.Ed., Pennsylvania State 
ELIZABETH LaVELLE, Associate Professor Food Service 

B.S., University of Rhode Island; M.S., Pennsylvania State University 
JACK LAVENBURG, Associate Professor Learning Resources & Mass Media 
B.S., New York University. M.A., Teachers College. Columbia University. 
Ed.D., University of Oregon 
RAYMOND L. LEE, Professor Director, Social Science Division 

A.B., Eastern Michigan University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Michigan 
NEIL B. LEHMAN, Associate Professor History 

B.S.. Bluffton College, M.S., Ohio State University 
SARA LEHRMAN, Associate Professor Foundations of Education 

B.A., Hunter College. M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh 
ISODORE R LENGLET, Assoc Professor Director. University Development 

B.S., Pennsylvania State University, M.A,. University of Pittsburgh 
ELINORE J. LENTZ, Instructor Music 

B.S., M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
ARTHUR A. LEONE, Associate Professor Foreign Languages 

LL.8., LaSalle E*t University; B A., Pennsylvania State University, M A , 
University of Pittsburgh 
EUGENE E. LEPLEY, Associate Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S., Slippery Rock State College, M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsyl 
vania, Ed.D., West Virginia University 
ROBERT M. LETSO, Instructor Health and Physical Education 

B.S., M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
MYRON H. LEVENSON, Professor Sociology Anthropology 

B.S., M.A.. University of Pittsburgh. Ph.D., University of North Carolina 
WILLIAM J. LEVENTRY, Associate Professor Educational Psychology 

A.B., Ed.M., University of Pittsburgh 
FRANCIS W. LIEGEY, Professor Chairman. Department of Biology 

B.S., M.S., Ph.D., St. Bonaventure University 
DOROTHY I. LINGENFELTER, Assistant Professor University School 

B.S., M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

LINDA S. LINN, Assistant Professor Elementary Education 

B.S., Edinboro State College, M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
HAROLD C. LIPHART, Instructoi Sociology Anthropology 

B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University. BD. Drew University, M.Ed. Ind 
University of Pennsylvania 

VICTOR LISCINSKY, Associate Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S,, Slippery Rock State College, M Ed., University of Pittsburgh, LP T . 
University of Pittsburgh 
YU CHEN LIU. Professor Home Economics 

B.A., Cheeloo University (China), M.S., Ph.D., Oregon State University 
ROBERT I. LLOYD, Assistant Professor Music 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M.S., Julliard School of Music 
PATRICIA LOMMOCK, Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S., Slippery Rock State College, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 
WILLIAM F. LONG, SR.. Associate Professor Mathematii s 

8. A., Gettysburg College, M.A.. Bucknell University 
STANLEY W. LORE, Professor Psychology 

B.S.. Clarion State College. M.Ed.. D.Ed., Pennsylvania State Un.versity 
P. DAVID LOTT, Professor Elementary Education 

B.S. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M. Ed, D.Ed , Pennsylvania State 
ALWYN LOUDEN, Assistant Professor Sociology Anthropology 

B.A., University of Wisconsin; M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 
JOANNE P. LOVETTE, Associate Professor Art 

B.S-, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Ed.M., Pennsylvania State Uni 

ONEIDA I. LOZADA, Instructor Foreign Languages 

Bachelor in Letters and Sciences, Instituto Pre Universitario, HBvana, Cuba; 
Doctor En Pedagogia, University of Havana 
A. LYNNE LUCAS, Assistant Professor Library 

B.S., M.L.S., University of Pittsburgh 
BEVERLY J. LUCAS, Associate Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S., West Chester State College. M.Ed.. Pennsylvania State University 
JOHN E. LUCAS, Assistant Professor Library 

B.S., M.L.S . University of Pittsburgh 
VANNIS A. LUCAS. Assistant Professor Home Economics 

A.B., Bridgewater College, M.S.. Virginia Polytechnical Institute 
DOROTHY F LUCKER. Professor English 

A.B.. Ph.D., University of Texas; A.M.. Columbia University 
SANDRA JOYCE LYNN. Instructor Home Economics 

B.S.. University of Tennessee, M.S., Auburn University 
DONALD M. MactSAAC, Associate Professor Learning Resources 

A B , M.S., Syracuse University 
WILLIAM H. MACKANESS, Associate Professor Special Education 

B S., Eastern Oregon College, M.A., Stanford University, California, Ed D . 
University of Oregon 
RICHARD H MADDEN. Instructor Learning Resources 

B A , University of Notre Dame, M.A., Ohio State University 
CHARLES R MADERER. Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.A., Yale University. MAT, Brown University 
RICHARD D. MAGEE, Professor Chairman, Department of Psychology 

B.A . M.A , Ph.D., Temple University 
RICHARD S. MAGEE, Instructor Biology 

B.A., Pennsylvania State University 
MARY ALICE MAGRUDER. Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S., University of Colorado; M.S., D.Ed., University of Oregon 


jsmess Education 


CHARLES M'AHAN, Assistant Professor English 

A B , Marshall, M A . University of Kentucky 
DONALD C MAHAN. Assistant Professor 

B.S.. M Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
W DELIGHT MALITSKY. Associate Professor 

B.A., University of Hawaii. M.A, Manhattan School of Mustc 
MICHAEL R MALKIN. Associate Professor English 

A.B.. MA., Tufts University 
KATHERYNE MALLINO. Associate Professor Library 

B.S.. Clarion State College, M.S.L.S., Drexel Institute of Technology 
JAMES H MAPLE, Associate Professor Computer Science 

B.S.. California State College, M.A, Bowling Green State University 
DALE P MARCHAND, Instructor Assistant to the Academic 

B S . Point Park College Vice President 

IRWIN MURRY MARCUS, Professor History 

B.S, Pennsylvania State University, M A , Ph D , Lehigh University 
RONALD L MARKS, Professor Chemistry 

B.S, Lock Haven State College, M Ed., Ed.D, Pennsylvania State Umver 
GRACE MARLIN, Instructor University School 

B.S , M.Ed, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
ARTHUR H MARTEL, Assistant Professor Economics 

B. A . St Anselm's. Manchester, New Hampshire. MA. University of 
LILLIAN G MARTIN, Assoc Professor Acting Director. University School 

B.S. Slippery Rock State College, M Ed . Pennsylvania State University 
JOSEPH M MASTRO. Associate Professor History 

B.A., Westminster College. M.E , University of Pittsburgh 
JOHN K MATOLYAK. Assistant Professor Physics 

B.S, St. Francis College, Loretto, Pennsylvania. MS , University of Toledo 
GEORGE M MATOUS, Associate Professor Physics 

B.S , St Mary's University. San Antonio. Texas, Ph D.. University of Notre 
DANIEL V MATTOX, JR.. Associate Professor Learning Resources 

B.S.. M Ed, Pennsylvania State University 
RICHARD D McAFOOSE. Associate Professor Business Management 

B.S , Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Litt.M, University of Pittsburgh 
DOYLE RICHARD McBRtDE, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S. Defiance College. M AT, Indiana University. Bloommgton, Indiana 
RONALD L McBRIDE, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S., M.A, Bowling Green State University, Ph D . University of Oklahoma 
C ELIZABETH McCAULIFF, Professor, Chrm.. Dept. of Health & Phys. Ed. 

B.A, State University of Iowa; M Ed., D.P.E., Springfield College 
WILLIAM McCAVITT. Associate Professor 

Coordinator of Radio & TV, Learning Resources and Mass Media 
B.S., Sh.ppensburg State College; M.S., Syracuse University 
A RICHARD McCLURE, Assistant Professor Business 

B.S., M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
DONALD 3. McCLURE, Associate Professor English 

A.B., Kalamazoo College. MA. Western Michigan University, Ph.D.. Van 
derbilt University 

RONALD E. McCOY, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed, University of Pittsburgh 

CLEO McCRACKEN, Associate Professor Dean of Women 

B.S-. Utah State University; M Ed, Syracuse University 
DONALD C McFEELY, Associate Professor Elementary Education 

B.S, M.Ed, California State College 

FRANCIS G McGOVERN. Professor Dean. School of Arts & Sciences 

BS, Providence College, MBA, Boston University PhD Ohio State 
DONALD R McKELVEY, Associate Professor Chemistry 

B S, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Ph D . Carnegie 
Mellon University 
JOHN J. McMANMON, Professor English 

B A , Notre Dame. MA, Holy Cross and Notre Dame. Ph D, University of 
MARK E McNABB, Assistant Professor Criminology 

B.A., M.A , Adams State College 
PATRICK J. McNAMARA, Associate Professor Physics 

B.S.. M.S., University of Detroit 
C DAVID McNAUGHTON, Professor Music 

A B Dickinson College. MA, Ph.D , New York University 
DONALD S. McPHERSON. Instructor Assistant Dean of Men 

B.A, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
LAWRENCE F McVITTY. Professor Chairman. Department of Art 

B S , Edinboro Slate College. MA . University of Pittsburgh. D Ed, Penn 
sylvania State University 
BRUCE A MEADOWCROFT, Associate Professor Educational Psychology 

B Ed . Duuuesne University, M.Ed, Ed D, University of Pittsburgh 
RICHARD P MEASE. Associate Professor Special Education 

B S . Bloomsburg State College. M S . Pennsylvania State University 
JOHN G MELLEKY. Assoc. ate Professor Criminology 

B.A . M Ed.. Ed.D . University of Pittsburgh 
CRUZ MENDIZABAL. Professor Foreign Languages 

Licenciado en Filosofia y Letras, Doctor en Filosofia y Letras. Universidad 
Javenana. Bogota (Colombia) 
ROBERT E MERRITT. Associate Professor Biology 

B A . New York State College for Teachers, M S, Cornell University 
JOHN E MERRYMAN. Associate Professor Foundations of Education 

B A , M A . Bob Jones University. M Ed , University of Pittsburgh 
JANE S MERVINE. Professor History 

B.A . Hood College, MA. University of Michigan 

PETER F METARKO. Instructor Associate Director of Admissions 

B-S, Northern Michigan University and Mansfield State 
EDWARD M1LEFF. Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S, University of Oklahoma. MS, Florida State University, Ed.D, Bos 
ton University 
JAMES G MILL. Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S, Slippery Rock State College; M.Ed, Temple University 
ARTHUR R MILLER. Assistant Professor Geography 

BS. Indiana University of Pennsylvania M R C P, University of Okla 

JAMES H Ml LLER. Associate Professor Biology 

A B . Kansas State College, M.A, Stanford University 
JOHNNY J MILLER. Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.A, Elon College, M.Ed , Emory University, Ed.D, George Peabody Col 
lege tor Teachers 
LARRY CARL MILLER. Associate Professor History 

B.A, Hunter College. M A . Ph.D, Northwestern University 
LAURABEL H MILLER. Assistant Professor English 

B.S . M.Ed, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
RAYMOND E. MILLER. Instructor Foundations of Education 

BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Ed M, University of Pittsburgh 


VINCENT P MILLER. JR.. Associate Professor Geography 

B.S-, Muskingum College. M.S., Pennsylvania State University Ph D Michi 
gan State University 
ROBERT E MILLWARD, Assistant Professor Elementary Education 

Bs Ed , California State College. M.Ed.. Duquesne University 
GEORGE R MILTZ, Assistant Professor Foreign Languages 

A.B-. Xavier University. MA , University of Cincinnati 
SHARON MONTOGOMERY. Associate Professor Philosophy 

B A , M.A., University of Pennsylvania 
ARCHIE F MOORE. Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

B S . M.S., Springfield College 
EDGAR W MOORE, Assistant Professor History 

B A . M A., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 
ROBERT N MOORE. Associate Professor Biology 

B S . Clanon State College. M S . Bucknell University 
BERNARD A MOREAU, Assistant Professor Business Education 

B.S., M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
VALLACE F. MORRELL, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S., M.Ed, University of Pittsburgh, M.S.. Clarkson College of Technol 


VIORTON MORRIS, Professor Chairman, Department of Special Education 

A B , C'ty University of New York. MA , New York University, Ed D , 
Columbia University 
ROBERT L. MORRIS. Professor Chairman, International Studies 

B.A., Lycoming College, MA , Columbia University, Ph.D., West Virginia 
ROY A. MOSS. Assistant Professor Assistant Director of Placement 

B.S., Thiel College; M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
EDWARD R MOTT, Professor Elementary Education 

B.S-, Clarion State College, Ed M , Ed D , Pennsylvania State University 
JoANNE MUELLER. Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S.. M S , Montana State University 
GEORGE W MURDOCH, Associate Professor Director of Financial Aid 

8.S.. Shippensburg State College; M Ed . University of Pittsburgh; Ph.D.. 
George Washington University 
TIMOTHY D. MURPHY. Associate Professor Sociology Anthropology 

B A , Ohio University 
JAMES R. MURRAY, Professor Learning Resources 

B.S., Edinboro State College, M Ed., D.Ed.. Pennsylvania State University 
MARIAN A MURRAY. Professor Chairman. Department of Nursing 

B.S., M.Litt. in Nursing, University of Pittsburgh. Ph D , University of 
ANTHONY J NANIA, Associate Professor English 

B A., Northland College (Wis J; M.A., Marquette University 
WtLLIAM A NEAL, Assistant Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S , M.A , The George Washington University 
RUSSEL C NELSON, Professor Music 

B.M.E., MM., Northwestern University, Ph.D., University of Michigan 
ESKO E NEWHILL, Professor Sociology Anthropology 

A B . M.A., Ph.D., Syracuse University 
RENEE NICOLET. Assistant Professor Foreign Languages 

Licence de Lettres; Diploma d'Etudes, University of Besancon, France 
JAMES NIX, Assistant Professor Director, Cultural Affairs 

BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M.A , Northwestern University 
JOHN J NOLD, Assistant Professor Director, Computer Science Department 

B.S., Clarion State College. MBA., Duquesne University 

LEOLA HAYES NORBERG. Associate Professor Food Si 

B.S., M.S.. Temple University 
MARILYN E. NOZ, Associate Professor Physics 

B.A., Marymount College, MS, Ph D., Fordham University 
ROBERT J. NYMAN, Instructor Food Service 

B.S., New York University and New York City Community College 
CARL P OAK.ES, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed., Pennsylvania State Uni 
EVERETT F. OESTERING. JR., Professor Allied Health 

8.S., Juniata College, M.D , Thomas Jefferson University 
ANJA H OLIN FAHLE. Assistant Professor Sociology Anthropology 

8. A., Friends University, MA, Haverford College 
JAMES M. OLIVER. Professor History 

B.S., University of Arkansas. MA. Ph.D.. University of Missouri 
GARY JAMES OLMSTEAD, Assistant Professor Musk. 

B.S.. University of Michigan; M.F.A., Ohio University 
JANE OLMSTEAD, Instructor Music 

B.M , Eastman School of Music, MM., University of Michigan 
IVO OMRCANIN, Professor Foreign Languages 

A 6 .. Urbaman University. Ph.D., Gregorian University, L.L.B , Sorbonne 
J.S.D., Trieste University; J. CD., Catholic University. Pans, France 

MARGARET S OMRCANIN, Professor English 

A.B., M.A., University of Kentucky, Ph.D , University of Illinois 
LUDO op de BEECK, Associate Professor Foreign Languages 

B.A., MA, Belgin Ministry of Education 
HAROLD S. ORENDORFF, Professor Dean. School of Fine Arts 

A B , Central Washington State College, MA. Ed D , Teachers College. 
Columbia University 
DOROTHY ANN PALMER, Associate Professor Political Science 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania; MA, Miami University (Ohio) 
FREDERICK R. PARK, Associate Professor Geoscience 

B.S , Franklin and Marshall College, M.S., University of Pittsburgh 
ELIZABETH STEWART PARNELL, Assistant Professor Library 

A.B., Smith College, M.S., School of Library Service, Columbia University 
ROBERT A PATSIGA. Professor Chemistry 

B.S , Geneva College; PhD . State University College of Forestry, Syracuse 
PATRICIA L PATTERSON, Associate Professor Business Education 

B.S., Grove City College; Ed M., Pennsylvania State University 
GARY W R PATTON. Associate Professor Psychology 

B.S., Purdue University; M.S., Ph.D., Tufts University 
JAMES EDWARD PAYNE. Associate Professor Geography 

A.B., A.M., University of North Carolina 
3ERARD C. PENTA, Assistant Professor Foundations of Education 

B.A., Montclair State College, Ed.M., Rutgers University 
.AURENCE JOHN PERKINS, Assistant Professor Music 

B.S., Northern State College, Aberdeen, South Dakota; M.M., Eastman 
School of Music 
DANIEL PERLONGO, Assistant Professor Music 

B.M., M.M., University of Michigan 
SUZANNE PERLONGO, Assistant Professor Music Library 

B.M., North Park College. Chicago, MM., M.L.S., University of Michigan 
EVERETT J. PESCI, Professor Counseling and Guidance 

B.S., M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Ph.D., West Virginia Uni 


JOSEPH ALEXANDER PETERS, Assoc. ate Professor Mathematics 

B S St Joseph's College, MS , Univeisity of Illinois 
BERNARD P. PETIT, Assistant Professor Foreign Language, 

M A . Vanderhilt University. Nashville 
JERRY L PICKERING, Assistant Professor Biology 

B S , Iowa State University, M S , Ph D , Rutgers State University 
DENTON F PILLION. Associate Professor Business Management 

A B . Stonehill College. Massachusetts, Ed M , Worcester State College. 
Boston College. Clark University 
EDWARD E PLATT. Professor Political Science 

B A , MA. Ph D . University of Connecticut 
MARK A PLIVELIC, Associate Professor Business Management 

B.S . Duquesne University, M Litt Univeisity of Pittsburgh 
RUTH PODBIELSKI. Associate Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S.. Slippery Rock State College. M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
JOHN A POLESKY. Associate Professor Business Education 

B S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M Ed , University of Pittsburgh 
ROMAYNE POUNDS. Associate Professor Special Education 

B.S . M.Ed.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
PAUL ANTHONY PRINCE. Associate Professor Geoscience 

B S , East Stroudsburg State College. MA., Clark University, Ed M Har 
vard University 
CLARA ELDENA PURCELL. Assistant Professor Home Economics 

B.S.. MS, Purdue University 
ROBERT L RADAKER. Assistant Professor Psychology 

B.S Ed.. Slippery Rock State College. M.Ed.. Westminster College 
MIRKO A RADELJA. Instructor Computer Science 

B.S,, American Robert College. M.S., Case Western Reserve University 
DOWNEY RAIBOURN, Associate Professor Acting Chairman, 

A.B., MA, Indiana University I Bloommgton) Sociology Anthropology 

DAVID L RAMSEY, Instructor Physics 

B A . Washington and Jefferson College 
RICHARD E RAY, Associate Professor English 

B.S., M.Ed.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
LINDA L REAM. Instructor Nursing 

B S N . Duquesne University 
JAMES C. REBER, Assistant Professor Mathematics 

B.A.. Indiana Central College. Indianapolis. MA. Duke University 
CHARLES E RECESKI. Instructor Health and Physical Education 

B.S., Lycoming College. M Ed . Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
MIRKO A. RADELJA. Instructor Computer Science 

B S . Robert College. MS. Case Western Reserve University 
MARY B RECUPERO, Assistant Professor Business 

B.S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
DANIEL G REIBER. Professor Physics 

A B . Franklin and Marshall College, MS, Pennsylvania State University 
JOHN WALLING REID. Professor Psychology 

B.A., Swarthmore College; M.A.. University of Pennsylvania; Ed.D-. 
Columbia University 

MILDRED M. REIGH, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B A . Juniata College. M.S. University of Illinois, M Ed , Pennsylvania 
State University 
JAMES B REILLY. Associate Professor Elementary Education 

B S., Waynesburg College, MA.. Ed.D., West Virginia University 
WILLIAM L. RETTIG, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S.. California State College; M.S.. Ohio State University 

DAVID M RIBAN, Associate Professor Physics 

BS Northern Illinois University MA.. Univeisity of Michigan M.S.. 
Ph D . Purdue University 
WILLIS J. RICHARD. Assistant Professor Economics 

B A . Berea College. MA. Iowa State University 
MAURICE L RIDER. Professor English 

BS, MA, PhD.. Ohio State University 
J MERLE RIFE, Professor History 

A.B.. Muskingum College, MA, Ph D . Ohio State University 
WANDA RIFE. Assistant Professor Library 

B S . Ohio State University, M SIS, Case Western Reserve University 
ARLENE RISHER. Assistant Professor Business Education 

A.B.. Mount Union College. M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 
ROBERT H RITTLE. Associate Professor Psychology 

B A . Lebanon Valley College, MA. Ph D . Kent State University 
JOSEPH S. RIZZO. Associate Professor Elementary Education 

BS, Wilkes College. M.A.. Newark State. Ph.D.. University of Maryland 
DONALD J ROBBINS. Instructor Business Management 

BS , Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
RICHARD D. ROBERTS. Assistant Professor Physics 

B S.. MS . Pennsylvania State University 
VIOLET V ROCCO. Associate Professor Elementary Education 

B S . M.Ed . California Slate College 
BERNARD ROFFMAN. Associate Professor Foreign Languages 

BS, New York University. MA, Fordham Univeisity 
ROSALY ROFFMAN, Instructor English 

B A , City College of New York; M.A., University of Hawaii 

HERBERT J ROGERS. Assistant Professor Criminology 

B A . West Vitgima University, J.D.. Harvard Law School 

DOUGLAS A, ROSS. Associate Professor Psychology 

B A., Lebanon Valley College. MA., Bowling Green State University Ph.D , 
Lehigh University 

FRANK ROSS. Associate Professor Art 

B F A.. M F A . Carnegie Mellon University 
DAVID E ROTIGE L. Associate Professor Foundations of Education 

B S . Wayne State University. M Ed . University of Toledo, Ed D , Un.ver 
sity of Illinois 
PHYLLIS ROUMM. Assistant Professor English 

8 S . M.Ed . Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
PHILLIP A RUFFNER. Instructor English 

B S . Clarion State College. M.Ed-. Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
LOISB R UPE RT. Associate Professor Home Economics 

B.S , Pennsylvania State University. M.S . Carnegie Mellon University 
JOHN R SAHLI. Professor H.stoiy 

A B.. Geneva College. M Ed . M A , Ph D., University of Pittsburgh 
WILLIAM E. SALESSES. Professor Assistant Dean, School of Education 

B A . St Paul Seminary. M A , Ph D . Oaremont Graduate School. Califor 
PATRICIA C SAMSEY. Assistant Professor English 

A.B.. Smith College. Northhampton. M.A., Oklahoma State University 
NORMAN W SARGENT, Professor Chairman, Department of 

Learning Resources & Mass Media 

A B , Hiram College, MA. Ohio State University. Ed.D . Indiana Univer 
NICOLO A SARTORI. Assistant Professor Music 

B.M.. Conservatory'e Pollini of Padova, Italy. M.M.. University of Michigan 


ROBERT H SAYLOR, Professor Counselor Education 

B.S . Juniata College, M.Ed., Ed.D.. Pennsylvania Stale University 
EUGENE F SCANLON, Professor Special Education 

B.Ed , Duquesne University, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh; D.Ed., Penn 
sylvan i a State University 
MARTHA S. SCHEEREN, Assistant Professor Library 

B.A., Pennsylvania State University, B.S., Indiana University of Penn 
sylvania M.S.L.S., University of Pittsburgh 
CARL W. SCHNEIDER, Associate Professor Psychology 

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Michigan State University 
DOROTHY N. SCHROCK, Assistant Professor Business Education 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 

GOULD F. SCHROCK, Professor Biology 

B.S.. M.Ed., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, PhD., University of 
JOHN H SCROXTON. Associate Professor Chemistry 

B.A.. M.S., Alfred University 
GEORGE K SEACRIST, Associate Professor English 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M.Lut , University of Pittsburgh 
DONALD C SEAGREN. Associate Professor Associate Registrar 

B.A., Thiel College, MA, University of Pittsburgh 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed , Ed.D , Pennsylvania State 
FREDERICK W. SEINFELT. Professor English 

A B . A.M., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University 
DALE M SHAFER, Professor Mathematics 

B.S., Kutztown ,£tate College; MA, Columbia University; PhD, Univer 
sity of Oklahoma 
RONALD G SHAFER, Assistant Professor English 

B.S., MA., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

CATHERINE P. SHAFFER, Assistant Professor English 

A.B., Pennsylvania State University, A.M., Gettysburg College 

EDWARD D SHAFFER, Associate Professor Counselor Education 

B.S , Ed.M., University of Pittsburgh 

ESTHER SHANE, Assistant Professor Speech and Hearing 

B.A , Westminster College; M.S., West Virginia University 

JOSEPH SHANE, Assistant Professor Chemistry 

B.S., Muskingum College. M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh 

MILDRED NOBLE SHANK, Associate Professor Educational Psychology 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, MA., Columbia University 

JAMES O SHANNON, Assistant Professor Criminology 

B.S.Ed., University of Pittsburgh, M.S., Police Administration. Washington 

State University 

SATYA SHARMA, Associate Professor Home Economics 

B.A., Lahore College for Women, India, M.S., Ph.D., Ohio State University 

MAHER Y SHAWER, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S., Teacher College, Cairo, MS., University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., Univer 

sity of Oklahoma 

LINDA S. SHEARER, Instructor Home Economic; 

BS., Pennsylvania State University, M.S., Cornell University 
ELWOOD B SHEEDER, Professor Business Education 

B.S. '"^iana University of Pennsylvania, Ed.M . Ed.D., University of Pitts 
JACK L SHEPLER, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.A., Roberts Wesleyan College; M.A., San Diego State College 

DAVID L. SHIELDS. Associate Professo* Foreign Languages 

A B , University of Pittsburgh M A . Middlebury College 
KENNETH LEE SHILDT, Assistant Professor Business Management 

B.S., Shippensburg State College, M.S., Pennsylvania State University 
RUTH I SHIREY, Assistant Professor Geography 

B S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, MS, University of Tennessee 
DANIEL C. SHIVELY, Associate Professor Library 

A B , Princeton University. M.S.L S , Drexel institute of Technology 
5HIRLEY JEAN SHPARGEL, Instructor Home Economics 

B.S.. Stout State University, MA, Michigan State University 
JOAN M SHULTZ. Instructor University School 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
SANFORD SILVERSTEIN. Associate Professor Sociology Anthropology 

B.A . MA, University of Illinois, Ph . D , Washington University, St, Louis 
RONALD E SIMKINS, Associate Professor Food Service 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania M Ed Westminster College 
JOHN B SIMMONS, Instructor Criminology 

B.A , Michigan State University 
HERMAN L SLEDZIK. Associate Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S , M.Ed Pennsylvania State University 
JEAN J SLENKER, Associate Professor Art 

B.S , Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M.A , Professional Diploma. 
Teachers College. Columbia University 
ROBERT EUGENE SLENKER, Associate Professor Art 

BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania MA, Columbia University, P'o 
fessional Diploma. Teachers College. Columbia University 
EDWARD L SLONIGER. Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S . Slippery Rock State College. MS . Ph.D.. University of Illinois 
BERT A SMITH. Associate Professor Political Science 

B.A., University of Nebraska, M.A., University of Missouri 
EDWIN SMITH, Professor Mathematics 

BS, King's London University. M.A.. University of Nevada; Ed.D. Ball 
State University 
HELENA M. SMITH. Professor English 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed., Ph D., Pennsylvania State 
WILLIAM R SMITH, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S , Pennsylvania State University, Ed.M., Harvard University 
M WAYNE SMITH, Professor History 

B S , Salisbury State College, M A , Ph D . University of Maryland 
MARIE E SNEAD, Associate Professor Library 

BS, Geneva College. B.S.L.S., Syracuse University; A.M.L.S., University 
of Michigan 
HAROLD M SOMMER. Assistant Professor Foreign Languages 

B A . Wabash College, M.Ed., Miami University; Ed.D., University of 
ANTHONY J SORENTO, Associate Professor Foreign Languages 

B.A., Pennsylvania State University; M.A., Middlebury College. Vermont. 
Doctor of Romance Philology, University of Madrid 
ELWOOD R. SPEAKMAN, Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.A., Eastern Nazarene College, M.A., Bowling Green State University. 
MAT, Brown University 
LESLIE S. SPENCER, Assistant Professor Business Education 

B.S,, MB. A., Syracuse University 
JOSEPH B SPIEKER, Associate Professor Foreign Languages 

B.A , LaSalle College, MA, University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., Catholic 


GEORGE L. SPINELLI, Professor Chairman, Department of 

B S , Ed.M, Ed.D , University of Pittsburgh Counselor Education 

WILLIAM M. SRSIC, Instructor Assistant Director, Financial Aid 

B S, M.Ed., Edinboro State College 
(CATHERINE L STAHLMAN, Instructor Food Service 

B.S.. Slippery Rock State College. B S , Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 
M.S., Case Western Reserve University 
ANN M. STAPLES, Instructor Music 

B.M, MM, Southern Methodist University 
IAMES G STAPLES, Assistant Professor Music 

B.M., M.M, Florida State University, D M A . Eastman School of Music 
MARTIN L. STAPLETON, Professor Biology 

B.S., Kutztown State College, M.A, Lehigh University; Ed.D., Pennsylvania 
State University 
RONALD A. STEINER. Associate Professor Library 

B A , University of Dubuque, M.S.LS , Case Western Reserve University 
HERMAN E. STENGER, Assistant Professor Criminology 

A.B, Lycoming College, ST B , Wesley Theological Seminary 
CHARLES B. STEVENSON, Assistant Professor Business Management 

B.A., M A . George Washington University 
ELIZABETH D STEWART, Assistant Professor Music 

B.M., American Conservatory, Chicago, Illinois, M.F.A.. Ohio University 
MERLE STILWELL, Professor Mathematics 

B.S., Mansfield State College, MA . Columbia University Ph D , Cornell 
LLOYD K STIRES, Associate Professor Psychology 

B.A., Drew University; Ph.D., Duke University 
ROBERT J STONEBRAKER. Assistant Professor Economics 

B.A., University of Maryland 
JAMES K STONER, Professor Acting Dean, School of Business 

B.S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, MA, Ed.D., University of Pitts 
GEORGE A. STOUFFER, JR., Professor Dean. School of Education 

B.S., Shippensburg State College, Ed.M , Ed.D.. University of Pittsburgh 
RICHARD M. STRAWCUTTER, Professor Chairman, 

Alhed Health Professions 
B.S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania. A M , Columbia University 
ALVIN J STUART, Professor Elementary Education 

B.S , M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D., Ohio University 
ELEANOR B. SUHRIE. Assistant Professor Nursing 

B.S.N., M.S.N, University of Pittsburgh 
CONNIE J. SUTTON, Instructor Geoscence 

B.A., M.Ed-, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
LOUIS R. SUTTON, Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S.. Slippery Rock State College; M.Ed . University of Pittsburgh, Ed D, 
West Virginia University 

CRAIG G SWAUGER. Professor Chairman, Department of English 

B.S, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M Litt, Ed.D., University of Pitts 
FORD HARRIS SWIGART, JR., Professor English 

B.A., Otterbein College, M.A, Ph.D.. University of Pittsburgh 
AUGUSTA SYTY, Assistant Professor Chemistry 

B.S, Ph.D., University of Tennessee 
STANFORD L. TACKETT. Professor Chemistry 

B.S, Ph.D., Ohio State University 
LEONARD P. TEPPER, Assistant Professor Geography 

B.A., California State College 

EUGENE F THIBADEAU, Associate Professor Foundations of Education 

A.B, MA (Philosophy). M.A. (Education), New York University 

BEATRICE F. THOMAS, Assistant Professor Business Education 

B.S , Ed.M.. University of Pittsburgh 
RAYMOND L. THOMAS. Professor Engiish 

B.S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania, A M . Columbia University. 
Ph D , Pennsylvania State University 
RONALD W THOMAS, Assistant Professor Dean of Men 

B.S , Bloomsburg State College; M.Ed.. Edinboro State College 
PAUL A THOMPSON, Instructor Music 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.M.. University of Michigan 
RICHARD E THORELL, Assistant Professor Music 

B.M, Eastman School of Music, M.Ed . University of Rochester 
GORDON F, THORNTON. Assistant Professor Psychology 

B.A., Gettysburg College; M.S.. Ohio University 
GERALD L THORPE, Associate Professor Political Science 

B A . Wayne State University, MAT . Harvard University 
HOWARD E TOMPKINS. Professor Chairman. Computer Science 

B.A , Swarthmore College. M S , Ph D . University of Pennsylvania 
ELIZABETH TROXELL. Associate Professor Mathematics 

A B , Gettysburg College. MAT . Indiana University, Bloomington, M.Ed , 
Pennsylvania State University 
J. DAVID TRUBY. Associate Professor English 

B A . M A , Ph D . Pennsylvania State University 
LAWRENCE R. TUCKER. Associate Professor Health and Physical Education 

B.S., Bndgewater College. MS, Ohio State University 
LOUIS C TULGA, Associate Professor History 

B A . MA . Wheaton College, Ph D , Ohio State University 
HENRY H VALLOWE, Professor Biology 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.S., Ph.D. University of 
RICHARD VEXLER, Assistant Professor Sociology Anthropology 

B.A, MA, University of Pittsburgh 
LESLIE VICKERS. Instructor Special Education 

B S, M Ed . Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

B.S, Edinboro, Ed.M, D.Ed, Pennsylvania State University 
JACOB U VOELKER, Associate Professor Foreign Languages 

B A , St Joseph's. MA . University of Notre Dame 
DOROTHY C VOGEL. Associate Professor History 

B.A., Marymount College, M A , Fordham University. Ph D, New York 

DOROTHY B VOLM, Instructor Library 

A.B, McPherson College, McPherson, Kansas, MLS . University of Pitts 
EVA VOUKLIZAS, Associate Professor Music 

B.M , Syracuse University, MM, Indiana University 
JAMES A WADDELL. Assistant Professor English 

A.B, Berea College, M.A . University of North Carolina 
RICHARD F. WAECHTER, Protesser Biology 

B.S., Bloomsburg State College, M.S., Bucknell University. D.Ed, Penn- 
sylvania State University 

DONALD A. WALKER, Professor Chairman. Department of Economics 

A.B, Southwest Texas State College; M.A . University of Texas. Ph D . 

ROYCE EUGENE WALTERS, Associate Professor History 

B.S, Millersville State College, M.A, University of Pittsburgh 


JOANN E WALTHOUR. Assistant Professor Un.versitv School 

B.S . Chatham College M M E , University of Pittsburgh 
GEORGE B WALZ, Assistant Professor Psychology 

B.S.. Pennsylvania State University, M.S., Ph D., Lehigh University 
STEPHEN B WARE, Assistant Professor Economics 

B.A . Ohio Wesleyan University 
HELEN LOUISE WARREN, Assistant Professor English 

B.S . M.Ed.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
ROBERT O. WARREN, Assistant Professor Registrar 

B.S.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania. M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh 
WILLIAM D WARREN, Assistant Professor Geography 

B A . Los Angeles State College, M.A., U C LA. 
JANE WASHBURN. Assistant Professor Counselor Education 

B.S., University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed , Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
WILLIAM M WASKOSKIE. Associate Professor Biology 

B.A, St. Francis College, Loretto, Pennsylvania, M.Litt., University of 
JOHN G WATTA. Assistant Professor English 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh 
CALVIN E WEBER, Associate Professor Music 

B.S . MS.. University of Pennsylvania, Ed D., University of Illinois, Urbana 
CHARLES E WEBER. Professor Geography 

B.A., Montclair State College. New Jersey, MA.. Ed D , Columbia Umver 
WILLIAM F WEGENER, Assistant Professor Chairman, Criminology 

B.A , A.M., Colorado State College 
KATHRYN WELDY. Assistant Professor English 

B.S., Kutztown State College. M.A., Middlebury College 
NED O WERT, Assistant Professor Art 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed., Pennsylvania State Univer 
GEORGE WEST, Associate Professor Director, Punxsutawney Branch Campus 

B.S . Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pa., M.Ed . Pennsylvania 
State University 
JACK R WESTWOOD, Assistant Professor Mathematics 

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.S , Burkwell University 
ROBERT L WHITMER, Assistant Professor Foreign Languages 

B.S.. West Virginia University, M.A . Ohio State University 
DENNIS W WHITSON, Assistant Professor Physics 

B S . North Dakota State University, M.S., University of Minnesota, Ph D . 
University of Pittsburgh 
JAMES HERBERT WILDEBOOR, Associate Professor Music 

A B , Ottawa University, M.M.E., University of Kansas 
GEORGE T. WILEY. Professor Director, Graduate Research 

A.B., Oberlin College, M.A , Ph.D., Western Reserve University 
ROGER N. WILLIAMS, JR., Assistant Professor Foreign Languages 

B.S., Grove City College, M.A , Pennsylvania State University 
HALLEY O. WILLISON. JR., Associate Professor Mathematics 

B.S Ed , Clarion State Teachers College. M.Litt . University of Pittsburgh 
EDWARD D. WILSON. Associate Professor International Studies 

B.S.. University of Houston. M.A., Ph.D., University of Oklahoma 
JAMES C WILSON, Professor Counselor Education 

B S.. Clarion State College, M.Ed.. Duquesne University, Ed.D.. University 
of Pittsburgh 
T KENNETH WILSON. Associate Professor English 

B.A , University of Buffalo 
DAVID CLINTON WINSLOW, Professor Geography 

B.A . University of Oklahoma, MA. University of Nebraska Ph.D.. Clark 

EDWARD G. WOLF, Associate Professor i ibrary 

B.Ed , Duquesne University, M Letters, University of Pittsburgh. MS L.S., 
Drexel Institute of Technology 
RICHARD E. WOLFE. Professor Mathematics 

A B , Gettysburg College, M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois 
BETTY LOU WOOD, Instructor Consumer Services 

B.S-, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
SUSAN WOOD, Assistant Professor Geography 

B.S-, M A., Kent State University 
MELVIN R. WOODARD. Professor Chairman, Department of Mathematics 

B.S., Mansfield State College, M.A , University of Illinois, Ed.D., Oklahoma 
State University 

ROBERT L WOODARD, Professor Director of Inst. Research 

B.S., Syracuse University, M.S., State University of New York, Geneseo, 
New York, Ph.D., Cornell University 
ALLEN M WOODS, Assistant Professor Chairman, Food Service 

B.S-, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed.. University of Pittsburgh 
DON W WOODWORTH, Associate Professor English 

BA., Dartmouth, M.A., Indiana University 
DALE W WOOMER, Professor Business Education 

B.S., M Ed., D.Ed., Pennsylvania State University 
HELEN J, WRIGHT. Associate Professor Nursing 

B.S.NE , M.Litt., M Ph,, University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed., Duquesne Umver 
PAUL R WUNZ, JR., Professor Chairman, Department of Chemistry 

B S , M.S., Pennsylvania State University. Ph.D., University of Delaware 
JOHN A. YACKUBOSKEY, Assistant Professor History 

B.A., North Georgia College, MA., Emory University 
JOAN R. YANUZZI, Associate Professor Educational Psychology 

A.B., M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., Cornell University 
ROBERT YARUP, Assistant Professor English 

B.S.. California State College, M.A.. West Virginia University 
HAROLD J. YOUCIS, Professor Foundations of Education 

B.M.E., Drake University, M.S., Ithaca College, Ed.D.. Indiana University 
DAVID L. YOUNG, Associate Professor Engtish 

B.A.. M.A . Kent State University, PhD , Ohio State University 
MAURICE M. ZACUR, Professor Geography 

B.S , Indiana University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh, 
D.Ed., Pennsylvania State University 
GENO ZAMBOTTI, Assistant Professor 

B.S , M.Ed.. Indiana University of Pennsylvania 
CYRIL J. ZENISEK. Professor 

B.S , M.S., Ph.D.. Ohio State University 
GEORGE D. ZEPP, Professor 

B.S., Millersville State College. M.Ed.. D.Ed., University of Maryland 
DONALD N. ZIMMERMAN, Associate Professor Chemistry 

B.S.. University of Maryland, M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., 
West Virginia University 



Elementary Education